How to increase the battery timing? Why does the laptop’s battery drain fast?

Hello there, hope you guys are doing great and in this post will know more about an interesting topic that is Why does the laptop’s battery drain fast?.

So, I think you are facing the same problem that many people are facing a very long time. If not now, but surely later each and everyone is going to face this problem for sure.

As the laptop gets a little older, its capability of holding electricity power gets weaker and weaker. Its battery timing certainly gets lower. Not only with the laptops, but this happens with every portable electronic device.

Why does the laptop’s battery drain fast?

Why does the laptop’s battery drain fast?

Imagine you are going out somewhere and you have many important things to do while you are outside in your laptop so you charge it up 100% so you can do all the tasks.

But by the evening after a couple of hours, you see your battery level is on red and suddenly your battery runs out of power. That time you will have a real problem as your tasks will be delayed.

There are a lot more reasons why the battery life of your laptop decreases. In order to find it, you need to look at what is causing your laptop battery to drain so fast with Medium.

I am going to point out some of the issues that might be the reason behind the draining of the battery of your laptop.

  1. A fully bright screen. Check if you put your laptop brightness on high. A bright screen consumes more power for operating.
  2. Many laptops have backlighting feature in it. That feature if turned on your laptop will use up more battery power than you expect. This backlighting feature also includes the backlighting inside your laptop.
  3. You might be using some kind of connection that may not be running properly or maybe that connection is not needed or required. For example, there are many times we turn on a Bluetooth connection and that doesn’t work correctly. Or sometimes the Wi-Fi you are connected to be not functioning properly and the signals are not being read by anything.
  4. Running a huge amount of programs at a time on your laptop might cause the drainage of your battery timing. Some of the programs do not actually turn off when you turn them off; they are awake and they process in the background.


Why does the laptop’s battery drain fast?

  • Adjust the brightness setting on your laptop screen, because the display of your laptop consumes a lot more of powers than you expect. Go and open the control panel on your laptop and adjust the brightness of your screen from there.
  • If your laptop has backlighting on your keyboard, then you probably should turn it off. There should be a hotkey or other option that might control the backlighting of your laptop, adjust the intensity of the backlighting from there in order to increase the battery timing.
  • You will have to configure the power usage setting of your laptop. There is surely an option on your laptop’s setting that lets you control and adjust the timing about when the screen will be disabled and when the laptop is going to sleep. This might allow the laptop to conserve much energy for you.
  • Take a look at the programs your laptop is running without you knowing about it. Take a review and look for the programs you don’t want to process and terminate them individually. Stopping the programs from processing will enhance your battery life for sure.

I hope these steps will help you with your problem. Have a nice day ahead.

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