Why Do My Laptop Flickers? What Will Be The Solution?

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As you know that a flickering laptop screen can really be so irritating. Constant blinking of a laptop is a distraction that causes fatigue and a useful guide: How to increase the battery timing?.

There are various types of flickers which include brief, random flickers an also those that are persistent Screen flickering.

What Will Be The Solution?

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There are some steps that may help you solve this problem:

Step 1:

Try to change the refresh rate to match the capabilities of your monitor. The refresh rate is an amount of how many times your screen redraws each and every second.

Even though this is an older setting which is related to desktop monitors, it can have an effect on the quality of liquid crystal displays which are found in laptops. Right-click the desktop and select “Screen Resolution” then click “Advanced Settings” and “Monitor” if it is enabled then place a check beside “Hide Modes That This Monitor Cannot Display” and select a higher refresh rate from that list.

Step 2:

Update the drivers of your graphics card. This is most probably the reason why you always had a flicker problem. Open the Control Panel and look for “Hardware and Sound” and then click “Device Manager underdisplay adaptors”, there you will see the same exact brand name and model number of your video card.

After that, go to the manufacturer’s driver Web page and search for your graphic card model and download the proper drivers of your video card. On the other hand, you can revert to an older driver if the flicker begins instantly after the driver update.

When this happens, return to the Device Manager and right-click your adapter and then “Driver”. Now click on “Roll Back Driver” and click “Yes” to confirm.

Step 3:

If the flicker occurs when DirectX or OpenGL is in use, turn on Vertical Sync. For instance, while you are playing a PC game, Vertical Sync (VSync) automatically locks the refresh rate of the application to the refresh rate of the monitor.

This helps to reduce the horizontal flicker, which improves the image quality. In the Nvidia cards, Vertical Sync is found in “Manage 3D settings”. For Intel, Vertical Sync is found on “3D settings” or “Asynchronous Flip”. And on ATI/AMD cards, you have to turn on “Wait for Vertical Refresh”.

Step 4:

Try to lower and raise your laptop screen repetitively to determine and observe if the flicker is because of the movement.

When flicker occurs, hardware failure is also likely to cause that flickers probably when laptop moves. Most probably, the reason can have damaged or loose screen cable, but the inverter and backlight can also make the flicker occur.

In this case, the laptop needs to have opened in order to confirm the issue, but try not to attempt this unless you are quite familiar with PC repairs and if you don’t have any problem voiding or canceling the warranty.

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It would have recommended that you take your laptop to a licensed technician or you may send your laptop back to the manufacturer for the best results.

I hope these steps may help you solve the problem of Why Does My Laptop Flickers? What Will Be The Solution?

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