How to Unlock Keyboard on Laptop Tips To Know

Would you like to have more information about How to Unlock Keyboard on Laptop Tips To Know if you are a member of the laptop.

The keyboard has locked and you cannot type anything? Well, a keyboard may have locked for various reasons and How To Fix Cracked Laptop Screen Without Replacing It, whether it is an internally housed laptop or an external keyboard which is used in a desktop computer.

How to Unlock Keyboard on Laptop Tips To Know

Unlock Keyboard on Laptop

Here are some possibilities for this issue; the NUM LOCK could be accidentally switched on, the computer may need a restart, or the cable of the keyboard may be loose-fitted on the laptop’s cable socket, or the keyboard itself may not be working and it requires a replacement of a new keyboard.

None of these issues feels or seems like it may require a skilled person to resolve and it does not require a large set of tools. The only device or tool which has required for keyboard repairing is a screwdriver.

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Observe your keyboard to make sure that your NUM LOCK key has already activated or switched on. You can check that activation by examining that the NUM LOCK key is having lit up.

If you see that key has already activated, press that key to deactivate the num lock. Or else the number lock key will deactivate a whole sector of your keyboard.

Tips To Know

  • Or you may restart your computer if the number lock key is not the problem. Restarting your computer or laptop may solve your keyboard’s issue.
  • You may disconnect your keyboard from the computer if you are using an external keyboard which is connected to a desktop. Reconnect your keyboard again and then test your keys.
  • Or if you are using a laptop you may remove the battery from your computer. Turn off the laptop, cut off the power cord from the power source and toss over the unit to access the battery release device on its bottom. Side this mechanism or device to take out the battery, then reinstate it and test your keyboard.
  • Or if you are using a laptop then check the cable of the keyboard. Take out all the screws from underside the laptop by using a screwdriver, turn over the laptop back. Now watchfully free the keyboard from laptop’s cover as it can now have loosed up.

Slightly pull it up to expose the cable running from underneath the keyboard down to the laptop’s bottom, where it connects through the keyboard cable socket.

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If you see the that the cable is not in the socket, that is your problem, gently lift up one side of the socket, then slide your keyboard back in. Push it down tightly on the socket to lock it back to its place.

If any of these solutions work, then you may remove the whole keyboard and replace it with another one with Why Do My Laptop Flickers?. On a desktop, you may just simply remove the external keyboard and substitute it with another one.


With a laptop, make sure the screws are out of the laptop’s bottom, then pull your keyboard up and out after lifting up on the cable of the keyboard and sliding cable out.

Hope these troubleshooting attempts may help you resolve the problem you are facing. PEACE!

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