Replacement of Acer Laptop Screen With Solution In 2022

Hi there people. I hope you guys are having a great day and hope you all are fine as well and now you are going to have info about Replacement of Acer Laptop Screen.

So I see your Acer laptop screen is broken that is why you are here searching about the process of how to replace the Acer laptop screen and what will be the cost of it.

So do not worry at all now, as you are in the right place where you will find a solution to every problem. So this problem of yours is possibly going to have solved out through this article I hope so. Let’s get on it now.

Most of the laptop users face this heartbreaking and full of anxiety issue of the display not working on their laptop or computer.

This issue is one to really worry about, it ruins your whole day as the laptop had used for a lot of works and many people do their daily life office work on their laptops.

Imagine you have a load of work to do and suddenly you see your laptop is running but the screen is damaged or the screen is not displaying any process at all.

Replacement Cost of Acer Screen

Replacement of Acer Laptop Screen

The replacement cost is calculated according to the model of laptop you are having.

Each laptop model has its particular type of display panel and screen. So you can’t replace your actual and original screen with an alternate screen of another mode.

That will cause you and your laptop a lot of problems. There are alternative screens that are made for every model. You will have to inspect and then buy those alternative screens that are suitable for the model of laptop you have.

The price of the screens is also according to the laptop model, each laptop screen has its own price. There are screens that are starting from $25 as well.

So it is up to your laptop model that the alternative screen of your laptop is worth what price. On the one hand, there are the cheapest screens you can ever find, and on the other, there are high-quality screens according to the laptop models.

I am going to list some of the Acer product’s alternative screens name and price according to Amazon:

  • Acer Chromebook 11 CB3-111 LED Screen: Starting from $23.70
  • Acer New LED Wxga HD 15.6” Replacement Laptop LCD Screen for Gateway Nv52, Matte: Starting from $47.89
  • Acer Chromebook 11 Cb3-111 Replacement Laptop LCD Screen 11.6’’ WXGA HD LED DIODE, Substitute Replacement LED Screen Only) (C670 C19A C8UB): Starting from $37
  • Acer Aspire E1-431 SERIES Laptop Replacement 14” LCD LED Display Screen: Starting from $54.99
  • Aser Aspire 5336 – 2634 Laptop LCD Screen 15.6” WXGA HD LED DIODE (Substitute Replacement LCD Screen Only): Starting from $50.00

These are only some of the items that are available in the online market today. You will find the substitute replacement LCD / LED of the laptop model that you are using easily I hope.

Not good but Ok guide: PcWorld

Replacement of Acer Laptop Screen

Replacement of Acer Laptop Screen

As I have told you about the prices of the substitute screens that you can buy from the market but with addition in that, you will have to pay the technician also who will do this replacement job for you, right?

So, it can cost you a lot of money according to what extent your actual problem is.

So that repair job is going to be so expensive for you that it can cost you around $150 to $200 in my opinion. But possibly it can jump to around $300 as well.

So, the thing is that won’t it be much better if you can replace the screen for your own self? Good, right? So here are the steps!

Step 1:

Make sure the laptop has unplugged from the AC adapter and is not getting any power from anywhere. Remove the battery from the laptop.

Step 2:

Find and undo the screws that are on the cover of your laptop screen with the help of a screwdriver.

You will have to remove the cover stickers first that is hiding and protecting the screws and for that use a sharp object but don’t damage them.

Step 3:

Now carefully start dislocating the screen bezel away from the other side of the case of the screen with a fingernail or a thin tool.

Do this step very carefully and free the case from every fastener that holding the case onto it.

Step 4:

You’ll now see the LCD that has secured to a metal trim frame on the left and right sides of it. Undo and remove the screws on the left and right side that are holding the trim frame case.

Step 5:

Now remove the screws that are on each side of the trim frame (if your laptop has them). Inspect and undo the screws by which you can hold and face down the LED onto your keyboard.

You will then see a video cable attached to the back of the LCD, do not apply hard force to that and disconnect that video cable very carefully from the back of the LCD by pulling the cables away.

Step 6:

You will now be able to take out this LCD completely.

Remove this and replace it with the new LCD you have bought and placed it like the old one was put face down on the keyboard, place the cables and then UNDO all the steps that you did to remove that old LCD, do them to attach new LCD.

Step 7:

Set the new screen on the trim frame just like the old one, place and tighten up the screws that you took out while removing the old LCD.

Remember all the position where all those screws had fixed in and placed them all there.

Step 8:

Put the bezel back as it was, first line it up carefully and perfectly according to its position and then squeeze the bezel back into the snaps and fasteners of the rear screen case of your laptop.

Apply a little force for squeezing the cover from every place and every corner to make sure it is fixed properly.

If you followed all the steps just as I elaborated them, you probably should have a brand new LCD on your laptop, and a lot of money saved in your pocket. Hope I helped you guys. Have a great day ahead.

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