Lenovo Laptops Screen Black When It Is Switched On

Hello there guys, I hope you all are having a great day and doing good. I assume you are having the same issue that is being faced by a lot of people all across the globe that is Lenovo Laptops Screen Black When It Is Switched On.

This is one sad problem to have. But no worries, I have not one but a number of solutions for you that can possibly solve this issue of yours.


Lenovo Laptops Screen Black When It Is Switched On

This problem is very common nowadays. Lenovo Laptop Screen Black issue is being faced by people all over the globe whoever has it.

Though there are bundles of reasons behind the cause of this problem. GPU loose connection, damaged the port, damaged cable, faulty display, faulty hardware, and corrupted software or virus are also one of the reasons which lead to black screen problem.

But don’t worry now, if your Lenovo laptop screen is black even after switching it on, this issue also occurs with HP laptop screen and Dell laptop screens too. There are solutions to these common problems.

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Solve Windows Booting Error

Most of the time the cause of this black screen issue occurs because of booting errors of the windows installed in your laptop. And there are several reasons behind this issue as well, facing booting error of windows.

  1. Missing of OS (Operating System): This problem is related to the storage of your laptop. This issue means that your laptop is unable to find the windows files that were installed and saved when you booted your windows from a bootable pen drive or other flash drivers and even when these devices are removed, this issue occurs.
  2. System’s invalid disk: The source through which you are booting your windows, if that device has bugs, then probably you will get booting errors. To avoid this problem, don’t boot up your laptop with the help of the default boot device. Change the default booting device which is set by default and try to use other alternative methods.
  3. Hardware Problems: Invalid disk of system, missing of an operating system, faulty hardware or full of bugs hardware can be the cause of black screen problem on your laptop. Don’t work your Lenovo laptop’s hard drive for an internal cable that is damaged.

Replace Defective Laptop Battery

Check if your laptop battery is healthy or not, because with a dead or defected battery in your laptop, you can never power up the laptop.

Unplug the laptop charger from the electric power source, and it the laptop screen turns black, then probably you are having a battery issue. You will just have to replace this dead battery of your laptop with a new one to solve this problem and then you’ll be good to go again.

Reset Display Mode of Your Laptop

Lenovo Laptops Screen Black When It Is Switched On

Black Screen problem can be caused by the loss of connection between your laptop’s operating system with the screen display of your laptop. This glitch sometimes is the reason for the black screen issue.

You will have to reset the connection so that your laptop’s operating system recovers the display. To reset the connection, press the Windows logo key, the Ctrl key, the Shift key and alphabet B, all at the same time.

If it was a problem with your Display Mode, this might fix the issue for you.

Official blog: Lenovo Company

Apply a Hard Reset on your Lenovo Laptop

Sometimes there is a possibility that the secondary and unnecessary devices that are connected with your Lenovo laptop might cause this black screen issue. If this is the cause, then a hard reset on your Lenovo laptop will solve out the problem for you.

If you don’t know how to Hard Reset on your Lenovo laptop, here a guide on how to do it.

  1. Switch off your Lenovo laptop
  2. Unplug the power cable, then remove the battery off your laptop and disconnect all the external devices that are connected to your laptop.
  3. Keep your laptop off for 30 seconds, do not perform any action on your laptop for 30 seconds.
  4. After 30 seconds of rest, press and hold the power button of your laptop for 1 minute (60 seconds).
  5. Take the battery and fix it back in the laptop. Once you put the battery completely in, then connect the power cable and turn on the switch.
  6. Turn on your Lenovo laptop and check if the booting process is working correctly or not.

If your laptop boots up properly, then congratulations to you that you have found the cause of the black screen problem for you and you will surely find out the secondary device that was causing the issue by connecting all the devices one by one at a time and see which one will cause black screen problem.

And if the screen is still black, then there is no problem with the secondary devices that are connected with your Lenovo laptop.

Update Graphics Drivers of Your Laptop

If you are using an outdated version of your graphics card drivers or if you are using wrong graphics drivers, this might be the cause of the black screen problem on your Lenovo laptop.

To recover, press the power button until your laptop turns off. While holding the Shift key and F8 key, press the power button again. Keep holding Shift and F8 until the screen of your laptop displays “PLEASE WAIT.” And if you encounter the black screen again, retry these steps to get on the recovery screen.

On recovery screen, select ‘SEE ADVANCED REPAIR OPTIONS‘, Troubleshoot, Startup Settings and then Restart. Your laptop will reboot to the Startup Settings screen, as it is complete, you have to enable Safe Mode. It will log you into Safe Mode. Search “Device Manager” in the start menu.

Go to the “Display Adapters” tab, select and uninstall your graphics card drivers. Complete the process and then restart your laptop again to open your PC normally.

Then you should update your graphics card drivers to the latest versions, download those updates and install them on your laptop.

If this solution helps you out, then probably the cause of your laptop black screen problem was the outdated version of your graphics card drivers. Keep your software, windows and drivers updated every time. it is good for the health of your PC.

Hope I helped you with your problem. Have a great day ahead guys. Stay blessed all of you with ifixit.

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