Laptops Screen & Its Replacement Non-Touch Screen

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I assume you are here because the screen of your laptop is broken. To be very honest this is a heartbreaking thing to have your laptop’s screen or mobile’s screen broken completely or even some scratches on the screen is worth the worry and to consider about.

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In this article, I will let you know about the screen of the laptop, how to replace it, and how much it will cost for replacing the screen.


Laptops Screen & Its Replacement

Whenever you are out on a search to buy a laptop, no doubt the specifications of that laptop are important to consider, but the screen is one of the most important components to consider before buying that laptop.

Many people who don’t need high-end tier laptops, just because they don’t do those high-end tasks, they do not notice the specifications like whether the laptop’s CPU is Core i5 or a Core i7.

But that person will surely inspect and consider the screen of the laptop. Not only these people but also the people who do high-end tasks, they also require a high definition and high-level screen.

As you will be staring at that laptop screen every single second when you using the laptop, no matter if you are doing a task, or watching a movie, whatever you are doing, laptop’s screen is one to keep staring, in that sense, the screen is worth considering.

I am going to inform you about some things that you should consider when you are out looking to buy a laptop.

  • Display panel should be considered specially. Every display panel consists of pixels, more the pixels in your laptop screen, the more clear display and more details you will get on your laptop screen. Many laptops are available in the market which comes with low-resolution screens that are about 1366 x 768 in resolution, this shows fewer details on the content you are viewing on your laptop screen. Find a laptop that consists of a high-resolution display panel, with at least 1920 x 1080 pixels.
  • I recommend not buying a touch screen capability laptop, but going for a non-touch screen laptop. As the disadvantages of touch screen laptop are more than its advantages. The main disadvantages are Power consumption, Price and Glossiness. As you know and it is a fact that most touch screens consume a lot more power than the moderate non-touch screen, which leads to a decrease in battery timing. There can be an additional increase of $100 to $200 approximately in the price of a laptop just because of the touch screen. And touch screens are very glossy; almost all touch screens reflect more light back to you, which harms viewing angles.
  • The screen should be bright enough to provide you with a better experience. No doubt that the resolution and color quality of the laptop’s screen is important, but brightness also plays an important part in the display.
  • High Refresh Rate is much required if you are a gamer. As a gamer, you will surely want to consider two additional things in your laptop’s screen, which are: refresh rate and response time. These have measured in hertz, the standard laptops have 60Hz refresh rate and high-end laptops that are used for high graphics gaming or high-end tasks come with 120Hz panel. (This paragraph is only for serious gamers.)


Laptops Screen & Its Replacement

Imagine your laptop falls down or is squeezed by you or someone else, that might just break your laptop’s screen, including parts as well. So, in order to replace a broken laptop screen with a new one is a great way to save cash, rather than buying a brand new laptop.

And for the replacement of broken laptop screen to a new one the repair shop will probably quote you $150 to $300 for the repair job. In case if you want to save those approx $300 and want to get your laptop screen replaced in $60 to $100 cost only, then you can do this job on your own as well.

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Before doing anything else, before thinking anything else, give your laptop a full look over, inspect the laptop’s screen completely to make sure that if it really needs replacement or not. If yes, then you yourself have to find a replacement laptop screen for your laptop.

Finding a replacement LCD is very easy you can either search Google or other online shopping websites with the model number of your laptop and LCD screen. This search will provide you with most regular screens that you can use to replace; those screens can be low in cost from $50 to $100 only.

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Now, you have the replacement laptop screen. Make sure that you have all the proper tools that have required to start the replacement process.

The first thing that you need to do is to make sure your laptop is unplugged from the AC adapter. And then remove the battery of your laptop as well.

And then you will have to disassemble the cover of the screen of your laptop and then the screen itself. Apply each and everything very carefully and most importantly take care of the screen as it may get damaged by your tools.

It is much better to watch and follow a professional’s video about replacing a laptop’s screen. That will be much easier for you to understand the steps and apply them much correctly without doing any silly mistakes.

There are a lot of tutorial videos on YouTube or you can just search Google they will provide you with the link to many tutorial videos of professional people showing how to replace a laptop screen.

This do-it-yourself procedure will save you a lot of money rather than going to a repair shop and pay the bill of $150 to $300. This procedure will surely take your attention and time but it will cost you only from $50 to $100 for the replacement screen you will buy only.

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