Laptop screen goes black randomly How to Fix?

Are you having a problem with your laptop that your laptop screen goes black randomly?

This is really an irritating thing but, no need to be troubled. Here are some the solutions that you can try to overcome this issue of laptop black screen to run or use your computer with ease.

Laptop screen goes black randomly How to Fix?

Laptop screen goes black randomly

According to the complaints of the users that “computer screen is going black” is a common issue.  Some of the users have reported that the black screen issue does not always happen, but however, when it does, the laptop screen goes black for a few seconds; then after 5 to 10 seconds later, the screen goes black again. This issue can even repeat quite a few times.

Maybe you are also experiencing a random computer black screen that can trouble you a lot since there are not any error codes or messages that gives you an idea of what happening and how to troubleshoot or overcome this problem.

Laptop screen goes black randomly

This black screen issue can also happen on famous laptop companies such as Asus, Lenovo, HP or Dell laptops in many scenarios in Windows 10, which may be a stem from hardware issues and logical errors, for instance, a connectivity problem with your power supply, display, hard disk drive, internal memory, graphics card, incorrect operations, software inappropriateness and etcetera.

Here are some of the tips and steps to help you solve, troubleshoot and fix the black screen issue on your device which is having Windows 10.

You must create a back up of the important files before you troubleshoot black screen.

It does not matter which technique or method you use to fix the problem of the screen that goes black randomly if you want to ensure your data security, it is strongly recommended that you back up your important files first of all because the loss of data may perhaps happen at any time and any place in the issue of a random black screen.

If the laptop screen keeps on going black again and again, then you might not be able to enter the computer desktop. Then a question arises that how can we back up our files on an unbootable laptop?

Well actually, it is so simple and easy as long as you use a professional Windows backup software for Windows 7, 8, 10.

It is suggested that you might use the MiniTool ShadowMaker Bootable Edition to help you create a file back when the screen goes black.

Initially, you need to use the Trial Edition of this software and you can create a bootable disc or USB flash drive by using the Media Builder feature back up the important files in WinPE.

Trial Edition offers you a 30-day free trial only. To fully use the software’s potential and use it all the time, you may upgrade Trial Edition to a full edition like Pro Edition.

After the bootable drive or disc is created, go to the BIOS and change it as the first boot order to boot your PC from it and then you can start your backup.

In the MiniTool PE Loder interface, click the first option of Minitool Program to launch a MiniTool ShadowMaker.

After that, the backup for Win 7/8/10 will run. Go to the Backup page, here you can view all system connected partitions are chosen in the Source section.

Your intention is to back up files before the fixing of random laptop black screen, so here you need to manually select what you need to back up. You can just go to the Source module to go into the following interface, now click on Folders and Files and select the major or important files you want to back up in the popup window.

A simple guide: TomsGuide

The screen goes black randomly on Windows 7/8/10

As said above, your laptop screen may go black due to many reasons. Now you may help overcome this issue mentioned in the following:

The most common hardware that causes laptop black screen is the power supply, memory bank, hard disk, motherboard, liquid crystal display etc. It is important for you to troubleshoot these ones after another.

  • First of all, check the power supply. At times, for a laptop, if there’s an issue with power, it is likely that the screen may go black even though the plugging in an external power supply.

In this scenario, you can remove the power from your laptop and plug in an external power supply. If the Windows can startup, maybe the internal power had corrupted. Then just go and buy another one to replace it.

  • If the power indicator is working all the time and the external power has plugged in properly, then the black screen is not caused by the power issue. So you have to check the cooling fan port to observe whether there is wind and check your hard disk indicator’s light is on.
  • If there is no issue, simply restart your laptop to hear if there is a beeping sound. If there is a sound, then maybe the memory stick is loose. Just plug it back in properly with ifixit.

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