How to Use Laptop Screen as Monitor Tips To Know

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Whether you mainly use your laptop for gaming, business, or school, there can be a time when you need to do double duty as a second screen for your computer system.

Making your laptop as a monitor requires an understanding of your operating system, connection options, and little adjustments to your screen Dell Laptop Screen Goes Black But Still Running.

It is reasonably priced and is said to be one of the lesser-known features that may help make Windows 10 the most favourite among users of the computer.

If you are willing to do more with the equipment you already own and save your money by buying a second monitor, this tactic is just made for you.

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A very small number of people consider a laptop as a second monitor when they just go and purchase one. But it’s really nice to know if you already have that option.

So, if you are having a laptop which is hooked up to a desktop monitor why not make that laptop to use as a second monitor?

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How to Use Laptop Screen as Monitor

How to Use Laptop Screen as Monitor

Let’s jump right in:

  • Start your PC and when you boot up, you are in your desktop monitor.
  • Right-click anywhere on the desktop, a scroll bar will pop up, then select properties from that scroll bar.
  • Click on Settings.
  • Then you will see a second screen. Drag that screen to a position similar to the position of the laptop screen.
  • It should ask you if you want to enable this monitor, say yes.
  • Ensure that the” Extend my Windows desktop onto this monitor” is checked.
  • Then simply, press apply.

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Now here’s a little problem. We cannot tell which monitor is which. Here you press the identity, and the numbers will pop up on every screen. There could be another hitch which is my laptop screen  became my primary monitor, that’s not accurate or correct if that happens to you then:

  • Choose which monitor do you want it to be primary.
  • And then check “use this device as the primary monitor.
  • Press apply.
  • Depending on your system setup, you may have to move the taskbar up to that monitor. Just hold the lift click button of the mouse while you are dragging the taskbar to move it.

And there it is! Now you have two monitors. You may organize it however you want to like keeping it up and down vertically or side by side horizontally. You can also check in to your video driver to see if you can save profiles so that you don’t have to change it again and again whenever you turn on the computer.

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In a Mac, it’s very effortless.

  • Just go to system preferences.
  • Select “Displays”
  • If OS X has not already detected your new display then press the button of “Detect Display”
  • Select an arrangement, and you may relocate the displays to mirror reality.
  • You can relocate the dock wherever you want.

That’s about it. Either with a Mac or a Windows laptop, you can now easily enjoy or make use of an extra screen you already own.

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