How To Fix Overheating Laptop Without Taking It Apart – [Problem Solved]

Work on your laptop without sweating your hands or burning your wrists becomes impossible?

Frustrated with the amount of information floating around the inter-webs about How To Fix Overheating Laptop Without Taking It Apart?

Today’s question comes from a sense comment about How To Fix Overheating Laptop Without Taking It Apart. A great question we have been asked it much time.

A laptop is still very practical. It allows you to watch TV shows while staying under the duvet, to work in your sofa, or to Skype from the toilet (with a certain discretion or extreme intimacy with your interlocutor • trice). In short, it quickly becomes difficult to do without it.

Alas, by dint of soliciting it without counting the tabs, your laptop shows signs of warming up. He burns handcuffs, wrists, even thighs, and threatens to take off at any time with his fan. His fans? It’s such a racket that you do not know how much they are in there. Oh, and most of all, he’s paddling. He trains a lot.

The fact is that a notebook does not have the same cooling capacity as a desktop laptop, and too high a temperature can not only slow down your laptop considerably, but also make it crash, and age before age. . And that’s sad. So for this second edition of 64 shades of bits, I suggest you come back on all these little things that will help you refresh your laptop, and so to preserve its tender youth.

How To Fix Overheating Laptop Without Taking It Apart

It’s no secret that laptops are suffering in hot situation, and given the miniaturization and compactness of laptops, they are particularly affected by these temperature rises. Here are 5 tips to avoid premature component wear, the infernal noise of fans, and the repeated crashes of our laptops.

Of course these tips could also apply to desktops and to a lesser extent to 2-in-1 touchscreen tablets.

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How To Avoid Laptop Overheating

CHOOSE A HARD AND PLANE SURFACE Let your laptop breathe

When your laptop is heating up, unless you have a specific technical problem, it’s usually that you ask too much of it, without ever giving anything back. If you were in a relationship with your laptop, he would plant you as dry, and he would be right (mine threatened me several times). To understand where the problem is, let’s start from the beginning.

The critical components of your laptop are the processor, hard drive, and RAM. The processor is in a way the brain of the laptop: it is he who processes the information and executes the instructions. The hard drive keeps all your data permanently, unlike the RAM, which processes the RAM, that is to say what you use in the moment. And as long as you use these components in the limit of their capacity, there is no problem, even if it ventilates a little from time to time.

For example, if your processor is not powerful enough for you to play League of Legends, hack into Photoshop, and keep fifty tabs of YouTube videos open at the same time, it will quickly let you know. Same for RAM, and for your hard drive if you keep too much mess.

So first of all, preserve your vital components: let them blow. To do this, just adopt a few simple reflexes, which do not seem like that, but can quickly improve the situation!

We like to do a last trick on the Internet before going to bed, but our netbook does not like very much to be put on a mattress. The heat dissipation is worst and it is best placed on a hard and flat surface or on a ventilation system. It is also valid on the knees!

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  • I know, you have a thousand open things, you do not want to close everything tonight. And then, turn off and turn on a laptop too often can use it, it’s true. But conversely, never turning it off or restarting it will quickly make him fart a cable. Do you need to sleep so that your brain can sort through all the information gathered during the day? Your laptop too. At least every three days (depending on your use).
  • Well known gamer, the ventilation system that is placed under the laptop has two advantages: it raises your machine and is equipped with a fan. What keep a little cool your laptop!
  • If your laptop get hots more and more it is likely that dust is involved. It may be necessary to get a dry air bomb to slide into the vents on your laptop to clear the dust inside. A vacuum cleaner at least its power can also do the job but be careful not to damage the internal components!
  • Programs that start up at start up have the annoying tendency to make the laptop work as soon as it is turned on. Freeing up space or preventing them from starting up can reduce processor workload and therefore reduce laptop overheating. If nothing is done you can also restore your laptop to the factory state, the radical solution!


  • If you use your laptop at home it may be worth keeping it plugged in to avoid running out of battery. But when it is charging the battery heats a lot more. Do not hesitate to unplug the charger and use it only when necessary.
  • In case of hot summers, do not hesitate to raise your laptop to help the fan to do his job. If your laptop is heating up easily, you can get a support (ventilated or not), or just stall a big book under the screen. In the same way, avoid putting it on blankets, or keeping it on your legs too much, you could prevent heat dissipation.
  • Do not leave this delicate technology in full sun, and do not put it anywhere, like a table full of crumbs. He will hold it against you, you can be sure of it.

With all that already, your laptop will be less likely to freeze when you are in a hurry. Yes, because a laptop that heats too freeze. It’s funny is not it ?

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Beyond this physical aspect, you have to look at the software maintenance of your laptop. By dint of use, if you leave everything piled in there without storing and cleaning a little, it will be difficult to navigate and seriously bug.
You do not see what I mean? Stop removing all your porn and lol cats: if you have a 500GB hard drive, you can store 250GB without problem. You just have to be clean and orderly.


The reference tool is the free software Onyx. Very small, discreet, and especially super simple to use, just check a few boxes, and pof: it takes care of everything to check that your hard drive has no problem, to clear the caches and all the stuff that, globally, no longer serve any purpose.

ON (Windows)

On Windows, a very good PC equivalent to Onyx is the famous C Cleaner. Honestly, I think its use is even simpler. Again, you tick a few boxes and he does everything else while you go to wash, or eat pasta. It’s nice, pasta. I like it.
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In a more punctual way, when your laptop starts to heat up and you do not know why, you can simply take the temperature. The first easy reflex is to open, on Mac, the activity monitor (Applications> Utilities), and under Windows, the task manager (Windows 8, ctrl + shift + esc, or right click in the taskbar> task Manager).
These two default tools allow you to verify that no application or software is pumping more resources than it should. For example, sometimes when you watch videos in Flash, the Flash module continues to rotate like a tarba in the background. It’s him, the bastard, who overheats and rowing your laptop. Close him his little mouth. To learn how to use these tools, info here for Mac OS X, and there for Windows.
But if the problem is more recurrent, you can turn to a temperature probe software, which will help cool the processor when it can no longer process (no, it is not said, do not look). The most famous is HWmonitor, and it exists for both PC and Mac. This tool, much more complete than the activity monitor or the manager, will allow you to lower the temperature of the laptop, get an evaluation of the system and, basically, to understand where it is joking.
Finally, if you laptop gets a little too often to ventilate for nothing, there may be something else to do: open it to go off the ton of dust, nail clippings, small skins or even midges he could ingest! Yes, the dust is able to clutter the fan, and it says fan that badly evacuates the heat said crash in rule.
In principle, we are supposed to clean our laptops regularly. I say in principle, because it’s very annoying and, as much to admit it, we usually want to stop wiggling on the Web to get screwdrivers and cotton swabs to run a marathon. Especially since it’s a little tricky, you can imagine.
Be careful though: if your laptop is still under warranty, you may lose it by opening your laptop. Check with your supplier to find out if you can send it to the grooming department.
If the warranty has expired for a long time, you may still need the services of a professional. Otherwise, it’s up to you to play … And we’ll explain how to do it in detail in an article devoted very soon!
Finally you have to know that in addition to reducing the life of some components, if a laptop heats abnormally it automatically bridges its performance. It is therefore important to contain the internal temperature in order to keep a powerful laptop!
Thats All For How To Fix Overheating Laptop Without Taking It Apart!


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