How To Fix HP laptop Black Screen Problem (Quick Guide)

Hello there people, I hope you all guys are fine and doing great throughout your day. It seems you have encountered a problem with your fix HP laptop Black Screen Problem, right?

This problem is very common nowadays, many people face this problem randomly. Well, you just don’t worry about it now.

In this article we will have a look through the HP laptop itself, why the black screen problem is caused, and what are the reasons behind the occurrence of this black screen problem.

Though HP is a renowned company, known in whole the world and they manufacture some of the best and premium laptops that are available in a variety of versions of Windows OS (Operating System). These laptops designed and created by HP are used by people across the globe.

If you own an HP laptop you would have sometimes notice that your HP laptop must have faced a black screen error. Black screen error means that your laptop is switched and it is processing but the screen is just black and there is no process you can see on the screen.

Whosoever faces this problem gets two questions in his mind. One is that why did this black screen problem occur? And the second question is, what is the solution to this problem?

Answers to these questions are that there are several reasons, causes to this problem and according to the reason why HP laptop Black Screen Problem problem has occurred, there are several solutions to this problem. We will talk about those solutions now that have helped people resolve this annoying black screen problem.

Hard Reset your Laptop

HP laptop Black Screen Problem

The first-ever thing you should perform as a solution to the black screen problem in your HP laptop is to hard reset your laptop. There is a possible chance of hardware to get faulty and cause the black screen problem on your HP laptop. In order to find out if this is the cause of your black screen problem, follow these steps:

  1. Switch off your HP laptop.
  2. Remove the power cable, remove the hard drives, the battery and if there have any secondary devices attached, remove them all.
  3. For continuous 60 seconds, press and hold the power button and then release.
  4. Put the battery back properly inside the laptop and then plug in the charger only. Don’t connect anything else.
  5. Boot your laptop again and see if your laptop boots successfully.

If this procedure fixes the black screen problem on your HP laptop then this means that the issue was with your hardware or with the secondary devices that had connected to your laptop.

And if the problem continues, no need to worry about that, as I told you that there are several reasons, several causes to this problem. And according to every reason, there is a different and particular solution to this problem.

More guide: HP Support

Restart The Process Of Explorer.exe

HP laptop Black Screen Problem

There are some times that the antivirus or the virus on your laptop closes the process of explorer.exe, and if this process is terminated, it can cause a black screen problem to your laptop.

The process of explorer.exe works with and manages the desktop, taskbar and things like this on your laptop. So if this process has closed in your system, the desktop, taskbar and everything that explorer.exe processes will be invisible to you, which will cause a black screen.

To restart the process of explorer.exe, follow these steps:

  1. Press the CTRL key, SHIFT key and ESC key at the same time, that will open and view TASK MANAGER.
  2. If you are Windows 10 user then click on the Details tab. And if you are Windows 7 user then click on the PROCESSES tab.
  3. You will get a lot of programs and processes in that list, scroll and find the explorer.exe process.
  4. As you find the explorer.exe process, select it and end the process by clicking the END TASK.
  5. Restart your HP laptop, and see if this solution worked for your black screen problem.

There are possibilities that you won’t be able to find explorer.exe in the list, so you can run this process on your own by following these steps:

  1. Open the task manager by pressing the CTRL key, SHIFT key and ESC key at the same time. And there, click File and select Run new task.
  2. A box message will appear on your screen, type explorer.exe there and press Enter on your keyboard.
  3. The laptop will run the process on its own, check if this solves this black screen problem of your HP laptop.

If this solution did not solve your problem, then it means that your laptop has no problem with the explorer.exe process. Continue on to the third solution with following to Quora’s answer.

Graphics Card Drivers To Be Up-to-date

Graphics card drivers are very important for the display and performance of your laptop. Therefore if there are any files that have gone missing or your graphics card drivers are out of date, this may cause your laptop with a black screen problem.

You can search for the latest version of your graphics card on the internet easily. You will just have to provide the name of the graphics card you have and the name of the manufacturer as well. But do not forget to write “latest version drivers” after putting the name of graphics card and manufacturer.

Here you will get: 9 Best Graphics Card under 300 in 2020

There are several websites that will provide you with the latest versions of the graphics card drivers you have been using for a long time.

Download and install the latest version in your HP laptop. This procedure requires an experienced person who knows much about computers and these processes. Don’t play with your graphics card drivers if you don’t even know how to manage these drivers.

But if you are a new guy and don’t know about the updates and all these issues, download and Install Driver Easy application from Google.

This program will help you detect all the outdated software and drivers that have already installed in your laptop and will also help you download and install those updates on its own.


These were some of the solutions to the HP laptop black screen problem. Apply these steps just as I have explained them to you. I hope these solutions will work for you. Have a great day ahead of people.

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