Best USB Portable Monitor in 2022 (TOUCH, HDMI, ETC …)

Are you a professional? Do you have multiple tasks to accomplish? Working on your laptop has become hectic by switching from one tab to another and from one window to another? Tired of all this fuss? You can not cope with this burden anymore? Thinking of buying another laptop or one of the best portable monitors because you can not cope with the burden? Your presence here shows that you want something like a mobile monitor and easy to carry.

So congratulations!

Your problem is solved because here you will find the best USB portable monitor to buy in 2020!


1. ASUS MB169B + (Editor’s choice)

The first portable monitor I have found for you is the USB-powered ASUS MB168 + 15.6 “WXGA 1366 × 768 monitor with some interesting features and specifications. The ASUS MB168B + portable monitor is known for its thinness and lightness. It was the only 1080p portable monitor at the time of its launch and it enjoys a good reputation among HDMI portable monitors to date.

The ASUS MB168 USB monitor comes with excellent features and specifications. ASUS MB168 offers a 1366 × 768 HD resolution with an aspect ratio of 16: 9 so you can enjoy a clear picture. One of the most interesting aspects of the ASUS MB168B + portable monitor is that it is not necessary to use separate cables for power and data transmission. The ASUS MB168 + portable screen allows you to use the same cable for both applications. The portable screen comes with a USB 2.0 port.

The other interesting fact about the ASUS MB168 HDMI portable monitor is that it offers a contrast ratio of 500: 1 so you can enjoy the realistic image with rich colors. You may have seen screens that do not stand up to sunlight and disrupt the brightness of your device. The ASUS MB168B + has a function that automatically adjusts the brightness of the screen according to the different lighting conditions.

The portable USB monitor is also equipped with ASUS Ezlink technology. ASUS Ezlink technology helps your laptop to drive five MB168B monitors at a time when connected. Another great thing I discovered about Ezlink technology is that when the MB168B + disconnects, it automatically restores the rotation of the application window and helps to rotate the image automatically between portrait modes.

The portable HDMI monitor comes with a beautiful 8.5mm slim profile as you can see in the photo. It is said that the ASUS MB168B + was the only thinnest portable monitor after its release and to this day it is one of the stylish portable monitors. It comes with an adjustable stand and a protective case. Its lightness and size allow you to easily carry the device in its protective case.

The ASUS MB168B + portable monitor also includes a 3-year warranty called ASUS Quick Replacement. You can replace your portable USB monitor in case you have problems with your device.

Overall, it’s one of the best portable monitors on the market. The portable HD display offers 1920 x 1080 resolution so you can enjoy HD movies and games and work with crisp, clear display. It has a slim and attractive design and lightweight so you can carry it easily.

ASUS mb168b + USB monitor with good performance and offers good features and specifications at a good price. The portable monitor offers USB 2.0 compatibility. 3 years of impressive warranty would suffice. If you are looking for the best portable monitor on the market, then go for it.

2. Gechic 1503I (best portable monitor)

The best highly recommended computer screen is Gechic 1503i On-Lap. As a portable monitor, the Gechic 1503i is an extremely extravagant and efficient device that is fully equipped and offers a fully functional multi-touch feel. Depending on the choice and mode of use, it can be any of your own conveniences such as a fully optional desktop, a standard Intel computer, a mini PC or even a famous Raspberry Pi. USB port availability makes it easy to use for power source problems.

Designing a Gechic On-Lap Laptop Monitor:
The Gechic 1503i is a fully loaded multi-touch portable screen that tends to be useful for long office sessions or multi-purpose entertainment tasks.

With a resolution of about 1080p and a unique 10-point capacitive multi-touch quality. The HDMI & VGA pro level ports are available in this interface which offers a user-friendly interface for operations. Basic USB-C power and a standard data port are there for your installation. The powerful and bright speakers that shine brightly are a major addition to this product.

Built-in speakers tend to change the use of external speakers for use with this monitor. Its thickness is about 12 mm and its weight is about 1 kg.

The screen panel is equipped with a strong screen protection cover that allows safe and fine use of the monitor display screens. The standard 1503i monitor comes with a set that includes a standard adapter cable for the HDMI port, a 2-amp USB power plug, and a dual USB port for multi-touch support.

The cabling is a bit complex for new users. The basic use of a single USB port with your source or computer gives us enough power for the multi-touch screen of a machine connected to the source. If the GeChic screen blinks more or less at any time during use or goes off at a higher brightness, you have the option to power it through an additional USB port available in a monitor. A hardcover for the monitor is provided to withstand rough handling or use.

Features of the Gechic 1503i portable display:
Here are some of the main features found inside the Gechic 1503i monitor. These standard features are of great value to the user and make this device your first choice.

Best USB Portable Monitor in 2019

It is a portable touch-screen monitor that does not offer basic or professional-level features inherent to computer parts. The screen is presented as a generic multi-touch support technology screen. This adds to the quality of Gechic because its many other monitors do not have the touch function that is here in this Gechic 1503i.

We conclude by mentioning here that you will certainly have a lot of fun playing ultra HD and high-resolution graphics games and that your continuous work sessions will not put your eyes to the test simply by using the Gechic 1503i Portable Screen.

The overall manufacturing quality and electronic systems of Gechic 1503i are irreproachable and the problems reported by customers are negligible. These lightweight portable monitors tend to be a necessary part of a professional businessman traveling from one destination to another for work sessions.

The gaming experiences and picture quality offer the best of all possible pixel detail in this monitor, making it the best monitor of the Gechic device badged. Our verdict is proving to be a favorite device for use as a portable monitor with all the user-friendly features and extremely impressive features of the latest technology.

3. GeChic 1303H (Travel Laptop Monitor)

Then we have in the list is GeChic 1303H 13.3 “portable HDMI monitor, which manufactured by one of the most important brands for the production of portable monitors. Nevertheless, with respect to GeChic in particular, they are the market leaders and pioneers in the portable monitor segment.

The best products are made by this brand, and the GeChic 1303H portable HDMI monitor is one example. It is very portable thanks to its light weight of 599 grams and thanks to its thickness of 10.5mm, it is compact and lightweight, perfect for your travels.

This is the ONLY laptop monitor that offers a mini-monitor input and no additional adapter is needed, just use the 1303 mini-display port cable and connect it to your MacBook, Mac Mini or other ports mini screen to enjoy this beautiful experience.
GeChic 1303H which is one of the best portable monitors and the latest model that is full HD and has the highest resolution in the series of portable monitors ie 1920 x 1080, making it the most suitable for Apple players and users who need a high-resolution portable monitor that delivers outstanding performance.

The 1303H Portable Monitor features a high-quality IPS panel, offering horizontal and vertical viewing angles of 178 degrees to allow you to view the screen from different angles. It can easily be rotated from horizontal to vertical, making it easy to change the orientation of the screen to suit your needs and how you want the content to be viewed.


  • Speaking of the impressive compatibility of this Compact, lightweight portable screen is compatible with a variety of devices such as MacBooks, Laptops, Mac Mini, Game Consoles (Xbox, PS4), Cameras, Smartphones, Raspberry Pi, Go Pro via HDMI or VGA.


  • You can adjust the display of your screen as you like, you can change the color temperature, color effect, hue, saturation and adjust according to your tastes. All this can be done simply by the color adjustment buttons located on the side of the screen. In addition, the brightness of 300 cd / m2 and the contrast ratio of 700: 1 with a response time of 14ms generate clear and bright images.


  • Another feature that distinguishes itself from other portable monitors is that it requires no driver installation and that it turns on automatically. With this distinctive feature, this portable monitor can be plugged into both Mac and Windows computers and used almost anywhere with a variety of computer configurations. In addition to connecting it to a computer, the monitor can also be used as a digital display solution, as a secondary monitor in a dual-monitor configuration, or with a game console for PS4 or Xbox One.

You can bring your games to life and enjoy the gaming experience by simply connecting this portable monitor as a dual monitor with a PS4 or Xbox One game console. With a refresh rate of 60Hz, you can play the game with absolutely no lag on your laptop screen. Play Grand Theft Auto on your Xbox with 1920 x 1080 resolution for optimal gameplay. In addition, the 178-degree wide viewing angle allows two or more people to view the screen without distortion of the screen or bleeding of colors. Finally, no adapter is needed to connect the portable monitor to your Xbox or PlayStation. An HDMI-to-HDMI cable is already included in the box.

For lovers of the image, who wants to translate the image into a virtual reality this portable monitor is the best choice. You can easily take photos or videos from your camera on a larger screen. In addition, you can take control of viewing and focus by connecting your digital camera directly to the screen to see what the camera is about.

In addition, the vibrant 16.7 million color set on this portable monitor makes it perfect for displaying bright, colorful images. Plus, this portable HDMI monitor is the only monitor on the market to support optimized color adjustments.

In my opinion, the Gechic 1303H is a high-performance portable USB monitor. However, it’s a bit expensive, but it’s worth it. Comes with great features, design, and specifications. The specifications include a large HD display with a good contrast ratio and a large viewing screen. In addition, the device offers excellent performance with low response time. Easy connectivity with multiple connectivity options. In short, the portable monitor can be used for all the uses that I mentioned earlier in the review Gechic 1303H.

4. Asus MB16AC (challenger)

If you have a laptop or Asus desktop, then do not go anywhere else on this MB16AC USB from the company. This Asus ZenScreen has a slim, award-winning design that will not take up much room on your table.

Technical characteristics

This model retains the same 15.6-inch display design as its predecessors, but it also brings interesting improvements to the panels and screen connectivity. This model has gone from TN HD panels to medium-quality IPS panels on a 1080p screen, and ASUS goes one step further by introducing a connector type for DisplayPort video and power using a single cable. It also improves screen adjustment capabilities by adapting them to the most popular “standard” ASUS models.

The ASUS MB169C + MB169C + IPS panel offers a brightness of 220 cd / m2 and a contrast ratio of 700: 1, which is remarkable for a monitor that consumes less than 7 W, less than half of what the USB- C used for video and power actually supports. The MB169C + has a response time of 5 ms from gray to gray, typical on an IPS display.

It has a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels with perfect viewing angles and outstanding color reproduction. Although it is not considered a professional monitor, it has the same quality that we would find on a mid-range laptop screen, which is amazing, since it is a portable monitor.

Its dimensions are (L x H x D): 379 mm x 236 mm x 8.5 mm and it weighs only 800 g, so it will not be a problem if you want to use it regularly. It comes with a protective case that also works as a stand. The monitor buttons are on the side, as in any modern monitor, and they launch the OSD menu.

How to choose a Portable Monitor

Let’s review the different things you should think about when buying a portable monitor.

How far are you ready to move? When the screen is off, it may seem very convenient to have a seven-inch screen, but if you plan to work with a lot of documentation, you may regret being so small when you can not read the text.

On the other hand, if you need to run a single dedicated application on a side window, you may not need 24 inches of full-screen space.

Think about what you will do with this portable screen and make realistic choices about its size. The smaller the size, the greater the portability, but the larger the size, the better the viewing. Choose wisely


We assume that if you need a portable screen, you are not necessarily editing full-time, high-definition RAW photos. Portable usually means something temporary, and with that said, you can sacrifice some resolution. There are no 4k screens yet, but many offer Full HD resolution and excellent color clarity to give you space while traveling or doing this presentation in your boss’s office.


You will want to check the compatibility of your monitor thoroughly. Portable monitors sacrifice all ports in the name of simplicity, and some simply do not connect as you wish. Make sure the monitor you choose is compatible with your laptop or system, including resolution and color clarity.

Benefits of a USB Power Monitor

Ok, we saw the USB powered monitors in the list above. Now, let’s take a quick look at some of the benefits of using them.

Some people ask why they should choose a USB powered monitor rather than a traditional VGA, HDMI or DVI screen. For all my friends, I’ve listed the most important benefits of a USB powered monitor, check them out below:

One of the most important and important advantages of USB monitors is that it is expandable. Most PCs and other media players have a limit of 1 or 2 video outputs, while the USB technology used in the monitors above, allows you to connect up to 6 screens with standard windows and up to 14 screens using a Windows Multipoint Server. If you use Mac, you can add 4 more. This means that USB technology can reduce the cost of installing and maintaining the overall infrastructure.

A portable USB monitor is ideal for customer checkouts and kiosks. It allows the merchant to configure multiple screens on the customer and employee side. Using only a few software and one or more portable screens, it allows using a fully integrated solution without using additional hardware.

They offer a simple and elegant solution compared to a traditional display. You need separate cables for touch data, power supply and all that for traditional screens while using the ease of USB monitors, you worry about using a separate power brick, making them portable and efficient.

They are also important when it comes to Size. USB monitors use smaller connectors and thinner cables than VGA, DVI, and HDMI. No power brick to hide, because a single cable is enough to do everything. This is a digital transport medium, so there is no interface like you have with the VGA.

USB powered monitors are designed to waste as little as possible. They come with a ‘plug and display’ using a minimum of hardware and software configuration that can be expected.

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