10 Best Laptops For Note Taking 2022 | Buyer’s Guide

In today’s world, there is a rapid flow of information that can be at times overwhelming to absorb. Information from many mediums such as university lectures, YouTube videos, physical books, blog posts, newspaper reports, etc. becomes a problematic challenge to store and often becomes useless.

Unused information is purely non-functional data. To make it functional, you must use and apply this information in practical life to benefit from it. Sooner or later, people understand this concept that they can’t contain everything in their heads and at some point have to pour their thoughts and ideas into writing notes.

Note-taking not only sharpens your ability to discover connections that help you solve your problems but also enables you to think creatively and merge old ideas into new ones. But what’s the ultimate way to gather information at one place without having to carry the old-school sticky notes around (and soon realizing that you have nothing valuable except a mess of colorful pieces all-around your place)? Well, here is where laptops play their part!

Likings for modern-day laptops vary from person to person. Some people prefer tablets, others like to carry a light and slim notebook. Laptops do not only serve as a medium for note-taking but also assist in many other everyday tasks as well. They allow you to surf the internet, watch online educational videos, work on Microsoft Office, and create illustrations for office presentations. 

Laptops for note-taking are extremely proficient and offer a tremendous amount of ease in schools as well as offices. It allows you to organize, edit, or rewrite it according to your preference. You can carry the laptop anytime and anywhere when you have important work to note down. 

Notes written during class lectures or business meetings help while studying. Taking notes does not only mean writing down or marking things that you think are important. It has more worth than that. It basically means using a systematic approach that allows you to effectively record information in order to tie everything together.

List Of 10 Best Laptops for Note Taking

To narrow down your research work, we have rounded up a list of 10 best laptops suitable for note-taking for students and office workers in 2020. Our list includes a laptop for every type of student. You’ll most definitely find the most perfect pick for yourself down here.

1. Microsoft Surface Pro 6

2. Flagship HP X360

3. Samsung Chromebook Pro Convertible

4. ASUS Chromebook Flip C302

5. Dell XPS 13

6. Lenovo Flex 14 




10. HP Spectre x360

How do I pick a laptop suitable for school?

As a rule of thumb, the more updated the laptop, the more efficient it will be. Try to buy a powerful machine that runs long-term and does not require regular updating. This will save you time and money. Make sure to check the processing unit, graphics card, RAM, storage, optical drive, 4G connection, and physical features such as a keyboard, touchpad, and screen size. Don’t compromise on any of these specs whatsoever.

What are the best tablets for note-taking?

The following are some of the best tablets suitable for note-taking:

  • Microsoft Surface Book 2
  • Acer Chromebook R 11 Convertible
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab A

Is taking notes on a laptop effective?

Up to date, there hasn’t been any research proving that students taking notes on laptops have exceeded majorly well than those taking notes on paper. However, the only major difference between the two types is that taking notes on laptops is comparatively faster than writing long pages on paper. But to your surprise, the students who took their notes longhand papers have performed better than the ones taking notes on a laptop.

What are the note-taking tips and tricks?

Following are some of the most amazing tips and techniques that hugely impact the note-taking skills.

  • Do not write full sentences, instead try to write phrases that explain the same meaning. 
  • Write what you understand and note in your own wordings. This will help you later understand the concepts much well.
  • To make your notes organized and well-structured, make a habit of writing headings, subheadings, and numbered lists. 
  • Highlight your notes. Try to sprinkle different colors throughout your notes to make them more interesting. This also marks structures and emphasis on important points and diagrams. 
  • Try to write procedures in bullets. This makes them precise and easy to understand and learn.

Which laptop is best for note-taking, HP or Dell?

The answer can be quite tough to evaluate. This is because both the manufacturers are exceptionally great at what they do. Usually, dell’s processing units are faster and more trustworthy rather than HP ones. However, HP does exceedingly well when it comes to battery life. This makes their laptops popular for heavy and daily use.

What are the 3 types of note-taking methods?

Following are the three types of note-taking methods.

Outline – they are quick upfront but demand more work later to make them helpful.

Visual – they are almost similar to the outline type. They require fewer efforts upfront but need more work afterward during studying.

Cornell – they require most work upfront but do not require any work later on which is quite useful when studying.

Which is better, typing or writing notes?

In my opinion, both are great ways to take down notes but depends upon the time and situation. If you are in a hurry and have to note down long notes then a laptop is the best option to take them down. However, if you want to improve your understanding and remember what you are writing, then writing notes on paper is the best solution.

Does taking down notes help your memory?

Absolutely yes! Typing notes help to understand well and make memorizing easier and faster. It is because longhand notes consist of students’ own wordings and handwriting. This aids in more effective memory cues by trying to remember your own handwriting, thought processes, and emotions from the class lecture.

How note-taking will make your life more organized?

Note-taking makes your life effectively better. When you write down anything, your mind retains it better. Your brain makes evaluation easier by making you more organized. Note-taking also engages multiple parts of the brain asking it to recall stuff later on.

How do you take effective notes?

Following are some of the useful tips for successful note-taking. 

  • Understand which note-taking type is best for you – Outline, Visual, or Cornell!
  • Make a habit of starting each lecture on a new page. Don’t forget to mark the date and number on each page. 
  • To make your notes neat and organized, leave blank spaces.
  • Don’t write extensive notes. Try to make them as short and precise as possible.
  • Use symbols and abbreviations to save time.


All in all, we have listed some of the amazing laptops suitable for note-taking. After performing thorough research on every machine, we accumulated the specs and features that have made each laptop stand out among their competitors in the market today. These laptops comprise both notebooks and 2-1 convertibles suitable for everyday fundamental tasks.

In order to succeed, one must be well-organized and have all their data available on the go. Gone are the days when people would use paper files and documents to store important information. However, in this era of modern technology, everything is digital now where laptops serve to be an excellent medium to save all your data. 

Modern-day laptops include touch screen convertibles that are highly proficient for school going kids. They can use the touch screen and pen to note down multiple subject notes and carry the notebook around without any sort of stress and tension. 

It’s true, there are dozens of options to look at and sift through each to look for the desired specs but for your convenience, we have crafted this article which might be of tremendous help as it wraps the ten best laptops suitable for note-taking. Scroll up to check out the best laptops perfect for note-taking for this school year!

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