5 Best Laptops For Industrial Design 2022 (Top Picks)

The term product design does not merely refer to the shape or form factor of a product. It has everything to do with functionality, safety, ease of use, durability, sustainability, and price point. From a manufacturer’s point of view, a product needs to deliver all the goods while remaining technically viable without sacrificing profitability.

One of the most effective ways to accomplish those goals is to computerize the design process by utilizing industrial design services. There are hundreds of CAD (computer-aided design) laptops on the market today.

Industrial Design Laptop Requirements

CPU (Processor) or ModelIntel Core i7 or newer processor
System RAM 16 GB minimum, more preferred
Monitor/Display 15″ or larger (second external 1920 x 1080 minimum screen resolution monitor optional, but recommended)
Video Adapter (Graphics Card) 2 GB hardware-accelerated OpenGL 2.0 or higher professional graphics cards with recommended driver from Autodesk hardware certification pages. NVidia graphics cards preferred for increased compatibility.
Operating System Windows 10 Pro Edition (Not “Home” version)
Audio 100% Windows compliant sound card
Network Adapters Wi-Fi adapter may be included. Built-in RJ-45 and CAT 6 cable recommended for faster connections in the studio.
External Hard Drive for Back-ups An external drive at least as large as your computer’s internal drive for backing up your computer
Warranty Service Minimum 3-year onsite parts and labor or third-party loss/damage coverage
Additional Hardware Three-button mouse with mouse driver software (Optional certified Wacom tablet recommended.)
Hard Drive (Storage)
512 GB SSD or 750 GB/7200 RPM minimum, more preferred

Based on the user base, here are the top 10 best laptops for industrial design.

List Of 5 Best Laptops For Industrial Design Students



The ROG Zephyrus is the thinnest portable laptop in the ASUS laptop line up. It is powered by an 8th generation Intel i7 quad-core processor with 16 GB DDR4 RAM. The NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 graphics card with an 8GB DDR5 VRAM is installed on the laptop.

Moreover, the laptop has a 512GB SSD hard disk. All these features make the laptop a high-performing machine. The boot time is less, the screen display is impeccable without any hiccups and multi-tasking is easy with this laptop. The 15.6-inch Full HD display with a 1920x1080p produces clear and crisp colors and the game quality isn’t hindered in any way. The 144 Hz refresh rate reduces blurring and screen tear.

The Max-Q technology in the NVIDIA graphics card gives more performance with less heat and power consumption. The hardware tuning and software have controlled the heat output on the laptop.

Also, the noise levels of the laptop are under control, so while working on your industrial design projects there is one less distraction. The laptop has a decent number of ports for connectivity. Four USB 3.0 Type-A ports, one analog-combo audio jack, one HDMI 2.0 port, and one 40GBps Thunderbolt 3 port are available on the laptop.

The chiclet-style keyboard is located in the front section of the laptop. Although this helps to manage the laptop heat, there is no wrist-rest. This can be an inconvenience to some users. The battery life of the laptop is not great so don’t plan to be used away from a charger for long periods of time.

The Zephyrus is a very powerful laptop that is thin and light in weight. You should definitely consider this laptop for high-performance.


The 13.5 inches Surface Book from the house of Microsoft is one of the Best Windows 10 Laptops offering extreme versatility, high-performance quality, and top-notch power on the go.

At 3.48 pounds the Surface Pro offers enhanced portability especially for those always on the move. The 6th generation Skylake Intel Core i7-6600U processor under its silver-colored magnesium build along with 16GB of RAM, makes multitasking seem like a cakewalk.

The PixelSense display screen having a maximum resolution of 3000 x 2000 and 267 PPI ensures high-resolution graphics sure to stun and delight its users. With built-in features such as low glare, high contrast, and true-to-life color, the touchscreen display allows users to go ahead with multi-touch gestures.

The detachable screen of this hybrid allows users to make use of the same both in laptop and tablet mode. The detachable screen can also be used as a clipboard with the Surface Pen. Users can also reap maximum benefits out of its touchpad, tactile keyboard and hardware-accelerated graphics by rotating and attaching the screen with the dock.

The Surface Pen which comes along with the 2-in-1 gives the feeling of writing with an actual pen and can be used to sign documents, mark up presentations and enjoy industrial art applications. Even when your Surface Book is in sleep mode, you can make use of the Surface Pen to open a blank OneNote document with a single click.

Its dual-band 802.11ac Wi-Fi propels battery life longevity, broader coverage and faster Internet access in comparison to previous Wi-Fi standards. It’s in-built Bluetooth 4.0 fosters easy connectivity with fellow Bluetooth compatible accessories and peripherals.

Dual digital microphones along with 5.0 MP front camera aids in video chatting whereas the 8.0 MP rear camera snaps pretty impressive frames.


If you’re looking for a best industrial design laptop then the ASUS ZenBook Pro might be a fantastic choice for you as well as college students. It can also be used to perform tasks like music production, graphics designing, video editing, and DJing. 

Its internal hardware includes a 6th generation Intel Core i7-8750HK processor, 512 GB SSD, 8 16B of RAM, NVIDIA GTX 1050Ti GPU and Windows 10 Pro operating system. It comes with an amazing 15.6-inch UDH 4K display with 3840 by 2160 resolution and a nano-edge bevel.

It’s able to deliver the best performance while running industrial design software and does exceptionally well while running large programs and multi-tasking. The Windows 10 Pro operating system means that the laptop is well-suited for everyday or business computing tasks as well as gaming.

While many gaming laptops offer a poor battery life, the ASUS ZenBook Pro’s 71Wh battery can last for around 9 hours while watching movies and videos on YouTube.

This laptop is a perfect choice for industrial designers as well as businessmen due to its lightweight design and upgraded operating system, loudspeakers, decent battery, and powerful hardware. It can also be a good choice for travelers since it weighs in at only 4 lbs and is small enough to easily fit in most laptop backpacks.


The Lenovo E580 is a durable and powerful laptop that is lightweight and is feasible enough to carry around. Specifically, designed so as to enhance the varied productivity, the laptop-sized 15.6” offers fast processing, smooth, high-resolution display and a keyboard with an ergonomic standard display.  

The laptop is configured to meet the best needs of the business like the strong memory back up, PC storage, and graphics along with the feasible budget.

With a screen size of 15.6” high display performance, Intel UHD Graphics 620, the Intel Core Processor of i7-8550U with up to 4 GHz (Turbo Boost), 16 GB RAM, WIFI, HD Camera, Bluetooth, and an SSD of 500 GB. The laptop also has 2 ports for USB 3.0 and 1 port for USB 2.0.

The security features of Windows 10 Pro with the fingerprint reader on this laptop will help to secure your data if your laptop is lost or stolen. 

Other features of Lenovo E580 are that the keyboard has a number pad in English with UltraNav which is represented in ClickPad and TrackPad, a combo card for the WIFI, High Definition Camera of 720p, 4.1 Bluetooth connection, 2W speakers with MIC 2, Premium of Dolby Audio, an edge web browser that allows you to mark up various web pages visible on the screen.

This laptop is equipped with up to 13 hours of battery life so it’s great for industrial designers. 


This laptop is a true work of art. It has redefined the definition of laptops in its class. It features a 7th generation Intel quad-core processor that provides effortless performance for any task that you throw on this laptop.

The 16 GB of RAM ensures smooth multitasking experience with the support of the 4.5 GHz 6 core processor. Its 4K display is a visual treat for the eyes, even small minute details are clearly visible.

100% sRGB display provides great color accuracy and the IPS technology doesn’t let the color reproduction to degrade even at wide viewing angles. ZenBook Pro has definitely set new standards in laptop displays. The SSD in this laptop has the world’s fastest reading and writing speeds.

The operating system boots within a blink of the eye. All these features are packed inside a thin, sleek, and lightweight machine. However, there are cons too. The battery life is not high and supports only 3 hours with video playback.

Also, its price is on the high side of the laptops in its spec range. Looking at all the features that this laptop has to offer, it is an amazing beauty to buy.

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