5 Best Laptops For GIS And Cartography 2022

If you’re looking to purchase a laptop with optimum system requirements for GIS work, there are certain specs you should be aware of. An inadequate hardware setup will result in your GIS software hanging or crashing when attempted to process large GIS datasets.  

Esri lists its hard requirements for running ArcGIS 10 here. The OSGeo Wiki has GIS workstation setup tips.  Listed here are computer specs to take into consideration when running GIS software in a Windows environment which is required for running ArcGIS.  QGIS, which can run on Linux, Macintosh, and Windows operating systems, doesn’t offer formal hardware requirements.


To run intensive GIS data processes or complex spatial analysis, it is important for your computer to have an adequate amount of RAM.  For running ArcGIS software, make sure you have at least 8GB of RAM but preferably 16GB or higher.

CPU Speed

Make sure your laptop speed is adequate.  The ArcGIS 10.2 system requirements recommend: “2.2 GHz minimum; Hyper-threading (HHT) or Multi-core”.

Hard Drive Storage

Make sure your hard drive is large enough to store GIS data.  If you are working with a large geographic area or area using high-resolution satellite imagery, you will need plenty of space to store GIS data that can easily be 1GB or larger.  An SSD drive has been reported by many GIS users to be a more robust option.

64-bit Processing

Starting with version 10.1 SP1, ArcGIS can now perform 64-bit background geoprocessing.  To use this, your machine will need to behave a 64-bit operating system.  Additionally, this post by Esri’s staff notes, “32bit applications, such as ArcGIS laptop, can access almost twice as a memory when running on the 64bit operating system (due to being Large Address Aware).”

Graphics Card

If you plan to work within a 3D GIS environment, make sure you have a graphics card capable of handling 3D display.  Esri requires OpenGL-compatible graphics cards to run a 3D Analyst.



Microsoft Surface Pro 6 is a very famous and top-class series of laptops and also one of these laptops which are also known as convertible laptops.

Its means these laptops can be used as a laptop as well as a tablet also. This is an ideal solution for using all ArcGISQGIS and Cartography.

The body of this laptop is the ultra-slim ad very lightweight. Its attractive look makes it an ideal choice for a user instead of bulky and heavy laptops.

This slim and trim machine is equipped with a powerful processor. Intel Core i7 CPU of 8th generation is installed on this laptop and makes it a powerhouse of processing.

Installed RAM in this laptop is 16 GB DDR4 with a clock rate of 1866MHz. The storage of this laptop is also very vast. 

1TB Solid State flash memory is installed in this laptop which is used for the storing of data. A huge amount of data can be stored on this fast storage.

As a graphics laptop, the display of this laptop is according to requirements. Screen size is 12.3 inches which is also a full HD screen. Moreover, the screen of this laptop is a touch screen while the stylus is also provided for a freehand drawing.

This laptop can be used in three different modes. These modes are laptop, Tablet and studio mode. A built-in kickstand is available for these different modes. Graphics card in this laptop is integrated but this graphics card also gives an outclass performance in all aspects as GPU.

The keyboard of this laptop is also a full keyboard which gives a very comfortable typing experience. Backlit is also provided on this keyboard. When we talked about the battery of this laptop then we just say “it is outclassed” and definitely it is.

The battery life of this laptop is up to 13.5 hours which is a full day power solution for this laptop.

2. HP ENVY 13

This laptop machine is a masterpiece from HP. When we see the features of this laptop and compare it with its price than it seems like a blessing at this rate.

This laptop is a very affordable laptop and also best suited for ArcGISQGIS and Cartography as well as for general computation.

The body of this laptop is very distinctive in design. It is an all-metal case that is high in quality and durability. This case is loaded with a very fast processing component. 

Intel Core i7-8565U processor is provided in this machine which belongs to the 8th generation. This processor is with turbo boos technology for super-fast processing.

The internal cache of this laptop is 8MB while RAM in this machine is 16 GB DDR4. A faster SSD storage is provided on this laptop which is 512GB.

The display quality of this laptop is tremendous. The screen of this laptop is 13.3 inches in size and provides a diagonal 4K display. Moreover, it is micro-edge WLED with backlit.

Along with all these, this is a touch screen with a corning Gorilla Glass protection. IPS technology of this display provides a sharp edge display with accurate colors. 8.2 million Pixels provide mesmerizing quality to your content with 178 degree wide viewing angles.

To provide top class graphics, dedicated GPU, NVIDIA GeForce MX250 is installed on this laptop which has 2 GB VRAM.

The fingerprint sensor is also provided in this laptop as an extra layer of security. The keyboard of this laptop is with backlit and is also very comfortable.

The battery life of this laptop is also very long as compared to other traditional graphics and gaming laptops. Its battery gives almost 10 hours backup which is definitely a long time.


Predator Helios 300 is a laptop which can be called as a powerful machine with a large display.

This is an ideal laptop for all types of computing work either it is graphics, gaming or simple office work including ArcGISQGIS and Cartography.

The case of this laptop is packed with maximum equipment so that it not remains behind for any work.

Due to its large screen and other things, the weight of this laptop is gets increased but it is not comparable as per its performance.

First of all, we review its processing power. A hexacore Intel i7 processor of 4.1 GHz clock speed is provided in this laptop which makes it is a powerful machine and no dought it is.

The generation of this processor is 8th. With this processor, a very fast 16 GB DDR4 RAM having 2666 MHz speed is present in the casing of this laptop. This combination can be considered best for very fast processing of data.

Storage of this laptop is also very vast to store a huge amount of data along with the fastest programs opening. Its hybrid storage is consists of 256GB fast SSD for programs and 1TB SATA Hard Drive for data storage.

It has a large display of 17.3 inches. The screen of this laptop is widescreen and also Full HD. Its refresh rate 144Hz to show the exact movements of objects. Screen brightness of this laptop is also extended 300nit which covers 72% of NTS colors.

The keyboard of this laptop is also with backlit and WiFi connection is also of Gigabit. This laptop is also equipped with a Dust control and cooling system which is consists of two fans which have all-metal Aero Blades. The battery life of this laptop is comparatively less and is maximum for up to 6 hours.


If you are looking for the best laptops for ArcGISQGIS and Cartography in a very affordable budget then Lenovo Legion Y7000 is there. This is a good laptop as per configuration and also in budget.

The body of this laptop is very sleek and is made of aluminum which makes the body stylish protection.

A quad-core Intel i5-8300H processor is given in this laptop for the processing which has 2.3 GHz clock speed and it belongs to the 8th Generation of Intel processors. 

16GB of RAM is also installed on this laptop which is DDR4. The storage space of this laptop is not very much although it is fast storage. 256 GB SSD is used in this laptop as its storage.

The display screen of this laptop is 15.6 inches in size. The outer frame of this screen is ultra-thing at 0.3 inches and it is also bezel. This screen is Full HD and also equipped with IPS technology which provides sharp graphics accurate colors.

A dedicated Graphics card is available in this laptop as a GPU. That is NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050Ti. VRAM of this graphics card is 4 GB but it is not dedicated but is shared.

The cooling system of this laptop is also remarkable. This system is consists of two fans along with two separate cooling channels.

Ethernet is also provided in this laptop for LAN connectivity while the keyboard of this laptop has backlit. It is also loaded with a full range of ports connectivity. In the end, the battery quality of this laptop is not up to mark and it is 5 hours.

5. LG GRAM 17 – Z990

Gram 17 -Z990 is a very attractive and beautiful laptop provided by LG. It is an ultra-slim and ultra-lightweight laptop that gets the attraction of the user. Although it cannot be called budget-friendly this is an outclass machine for all kinds of data processing including ArcGISQGIS and Cartography applications.

A powerful Intel Core i7-8565U processor is given in this laptop for processing needs. The clock speed of this processor is 1.8 GHz and it is a quad-core processor of 8th generation.

Along with this processor, 16 GB DDR4 RAM is also available for an ideal fast processing combination. 512 GB storage is provided on this laptop which is not very vast but it is very fast because it is SSD storage.

As far as the display configuration of this laptop is concerned, it has a relatively large display of 17 inches. It is normally considered that large screen size increases the weight of a laptop but it is an ultra-lightweight laptop which a large screen.

This is a unique feature of this laptop. The screen of this laptop in Full HD with a very high resolution. IPS technology is also provided on this screen.

The graphics card of this laptop is not dedicated but it is an integrated graphics card which is Intel 610. This graphics card is also very famous for its better performance and it also gives an HD display.

The full range of ports connectivity is also provided in this laptop while its keyboard is also with backlit. The last and very special feature of this laptop is its battery life which is really amazing. The battery life of this laptop is up to 19.5 hours.

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