Top 5 Best Laptop Coolers For Gaming – 2022

After several hours of research, I finally made my selection of the 5 best laptop coolers for gaming among more than twenty products available on the market.

My preference is for the Opolar LC05 if it is compatible with your laptop. Otherwise, I recommend the Klim which is by far the best choice level fan-type laptop cooler.

You will also find at the end of this article a buying guide to help you find the ideal cooler for your PC!

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The best cool laptop coolers

These coolers may be entry-level, they do their job perfectly and will suit most users who are just looking for an effective cooling accessory.

1. Havit HV-F2056: the best cheap

This pc cooling device is designed to be both thin portable and lightweight so you can be carried on the go with your laptop without getting cluttered.
It can also be used as ergonomic support thanks to its two adjustable heights!
This accessory contains high-quality honeycomb wire mesh to give your notebook a surface that is both durable and stable for transportation.

The pc cooler contains three fans designed to produce minimal noise to create a quiet environment. These are 110 centimeters in diameter and can go up to about 1100 revolutions per minute.

The unit comes with additional USB ports and a power button. A USB hub is integrated into the PC cooler to allow you to connect more USB devices like your mouse or keyboard.

Another appreciable feature of this device is its manufacturer’s warranty. In fact, you benefit from a satisfied or refunded policy within 30 days of your purchase and a 1-year warranty thereafter.

The device is compatible with notebooks up to 17 inches in size.
This PC cooler can be simply plugged into any USB port on your laptop. The Type A USB 2.0 cable comes with the device. A spare cable can easily be replaced in case of wear so you do not have to replace the entire cooling pad.
Its cooling system with 3 fans is complete and ensures cooling of a correct quality. This will allow you to improve the performance of your laptop.
The device also has two protective mounts behind the back. This allows you to offer two different height levels to optimize your typing experience and the view of your screen, which has the advantage of reducing the risk of back and neck pain.
Designed to bring you ergonomic comfort, this laptop accessory is designed so that your computer does not slip from the fan stand thanks to its stable and wear-resistant transport surface.
Thanks to its slim body and lightweight design, this laptop cooling system is portable wherever you want and can cool your computer anywhere, anytime.

A word about the design of this device also, which has a quite futuristic look with fans lit a neon blue look pretty nice.

Only small shadow on the board, this laptop cooler does not have a stop at the bottom to prevent the computer from slipping and falling, the 4 grips below the computer are not always enough to maintain the computer in place.

2. TeckNet: an honest value for money

This pc cooler has a set of 3 fans of 110 mm running silently at 1200 revolutions per minute. This allows you to blow cold air from the bottom of the laptop.
The metal mesh of this accessory is designed to optimize the airflow and thus dissipates the heat that never fails to occur in the laptop case.
But let’s see in more detail what this pc cooler has in the belly.
First of all this set of three good quality fans is arranged so that the air flow is optimal. It has l-shaped rubber edges to hold your laptop once the fan is in place.
This pc cooler uses a 110 mm fan system to be able to provide ample cooling for your processor and all other components of your laptop. It is capable of delivering more than 38 cubic centimeters of chilled airflow per minute, which is more than enough to cool a laptop.
This pc cooler is compatible with most computers up to 17 inches in size. The metal mesh, not only streamline airflow and dissipate heat is also designed to provide a stable surface that allows you to work comfortably on your computer.
This accessory has more of a design that is both ergonomic, thin and light to ensure you a transport simplest. In addition, because it is powered by USB, you do not have to bother to carry extra cords or even a big battery cumbersome.
Indeed, its USB power supply does not require any additional power adapter. Plus, it comes with an extra USB port if you need to connect other devices!
After a short period of use, the product performs well and silently. This confirms the good overall impression of the product when it is unpacked and installed by handling the product (as indicated by several users) …
The level of ventilation can be changed at will. It is almost inaudible when it is set to the minimum level and remains less noisy than the average when it is full.
Do not panic when this pc cooler has accumulated too much dust, it is very easy to disassemble to clean thoroughly, you just have to remove 11 conventional cross screws.
The led lights of this unit are designed to indicate the speed. Too bad however that it is impossible to disable them.
Another tiny shadow on the board, the pads below may tend to come off but it does not make a big difference with or without a pad. Also, the cable is designed to be plugged to the left which can cause you problems if your USB ports are placed on the right side of your laptop.

3. TopMate: adjustable and effective

This pc cooler is equipped with five silent fans. It is possible to use 3 modes of operation with this device: a mode that only activates one fan, a second mode that activates 4 fans at the same time and finally the third mode using all the fans.
In addition, this unit is equipped with an LCD screen and LEDs to control the speed level of the fans. You can choose between 6 different speed levels.
This accessory has been designed to be compatible with laptops ranging from 12 to 15.6 inches.
Two USB ports are included with this unit, one connected to the source of the heat sink and the other to connect an additional device such as your mouse or keyboard.
This laptop cooling accessory has 5 adjustable heights. This makes it easy to put your laptop in an ideal working position and thus provides you with a tilt angle to make viewing your screen easier.
The unit also has a button to display the LCD, which is used to adjust the speed of the five fans. It comes with an LED light designed to make it easier to read the fan speed level: the brighter the light, the faster the fan.
This unit is powered by its USB ports. No need for a power adapter!
The way to use this device is extremely simple, just press the switch to start this accessory. If you press the button for a long time, you switch from one ventilation mode to another.
As mentioned above, three fan modes are available, one fan-only mode, another four-fan mode, and the third mode that activates all fans.
In addition, the design of this device is ergonomic. The support of this pc cooler can be tilted to facilitate the entry of air.
The device is rather silent from speed 1 to 4. If we go to speed 5 or 6 this accessory makes more noise but it remains at a noise level more than tolerable.
This device cools all laptops without any problem, even during intensive use or when using resource-intensive software (AAA games or software such as Photoshop, In Design or Adobe Illustrator).
Be careful though for those who like to work with their laptop on the lap: this device is designed for use on a desk, a table or any other type of flat surface. It will not be the best choice if you want to put your device on your legs.
It remains more comfortable than other models.


The Best Mid-Range Laptop Coolers

This model is the best fan-type cooler in this comparison, by far!

4. Klim: the best mid-range cooler for gaming


First of all this laptop cooler has the good taste to be delivered with an ebook (to receive by email after the purchase) concerning 7 errors to avoid not to kill his computer or to lower his performances.

This computer accessory covers sizes ranging from 11 inches to 16 inches and is compatible with laptops up to a size of 19 inches. From 17 inches the laptop will extend a little on the sides but it will remain perfectly stable.
In addition, cleats located at the base of this laptop cooler are present to prevent your laptop from slipping or falling.
This laptop cooler has 4 fans running up to 1400 rotations per minute, which is way better than the performance of the entry-level notebook coolers we’ve seen together so far. So here we are in the presence of a high performance ventilated rack that is able to return your PC to a reasonable temperature in less than 1 minute.
These 4 fans are arranged to cover and cool all areas of your laptop.
In terms of design we are here in the presence of a cooler look both elegant and futuristic with, again, fans lit with blue light, it seems that this is the fashion of the moment.
The brand KLIM is very confident with the quality of this product because it offers a 5-year warranty.
This laptop cooler has two USB ports so you can always connect as many devices as you would if you did not use this accessory. This device is designed for office use as well as for gaming or other resource-intensive activities such as video editing or photo editing.
It is worth noting that this fan was originally designed for gaming, that is, with the intention of providing above-average performance as gamer PCs tend to be the ones that overheat most of the time. by the very nature of their activities.
This cooler can also be used for PS4, Xbox One or Wii.
Notebook cooling devices are often noisy, but it breaks the rule even when it reaches optimum speed. Indeed, in operation, it never generates more than 26 dB which is little more than a whispering or rustle of leaves (20 dB).
This model is probably the best fan model present in this comparison.
The best high-end laptop coolers
Here we are talking about end-of-chillers with a performance well above average! It will delight even the most demanding PC gamer users!

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5. Opolar LC05: the best high end

This laptop cooler features an innovative LED display system that displays air temperature from the airflow of your laptop.
This unit has 13 different speeds to manage airflow and noise. The operation of it is silent even in automatic mode at maximum speed.
This laptop cooling accessory has a very simple mounting system, just plug it in. Clamping arms are also provided to keep the chiller firmly connected to the laptop even when moving.
Be careful, this device is not recommended for Macbooks and any other type of laptop that is less than 1 cm wide.
This laptop cooler works primarily by dissipating heat in laptops to reduce the internal temperature in just a few minutes and offering much better performance than laptop cooling fans.
This accessory has been specially designed for laptops with vents on both sides or at the back. It is ideal for gaming configurations or systems that use a lot of CPU. Its superior Japanese engine guarantees at least 5000 hours of work.
Guaranteed one year in case of a defect of the product, it also benefits from a system of return and refund within 30 days if this chiller turns out incompatible with your computer.
It is interesting to know that this laptop cooler is also perfectly compatible with the Nintendo Switch.
The fan speed can be set with two different modes: automatic and manual. With automatic mode, the chiller intelligently adjusts the hot air suction speed according to the temperature generated by the laptop and will automatically turn off when the computer is turned off.
It is also possible to manually choose one of the 13 speeds available, with the maximum speed of up to 5000 (!) Revolutions per minute which annihilates all the competition in this comparison. In addition, the fan has the good taste of being very quiet and making little noise even at the fastest speed.

If you want a laptop cooler that really cools your computer deeply, this device is the one for you.

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How To Choose Best Laptop Coolers For Gaming?

Laptop coolers are not complicated things, but there are a few questions you need to ask yourself before you buy one.

Types of cooling

There are currently three types of cooling: active cooling, passive cooling, and suction fans. It is good to note that each type has, of course, its advantages and disadvantages, so choose according to your preferences.

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Active and passive cooling
These types of cooling are not the most common, unlike the suction fan system. Both systems are typically designed with heat-resistant materials, such as aluminum, and are clearly distinguishable from the exhaust fans.

They are quieter (since they do not have a fan) but sinned by their lack of efficiency.

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Suction fans
This type of cooling is by far the most widespread on the market, and it generally includes several fans, which operate simultaneously and thus generate a large flow of air.

If they are more efficient than the two previous cooling systems, they are much louder.

In short, you need to choose your cooler according to the use you make of your laptop (and your noise tolerance).

Quality of materials
Coolers that do not have fans rely heavily on the quality of their components. It is, therefore, an essential point to take into account before any purchase!Use coolers made from metal or aluminum, both of which can contribute to heat dispersion. Aluminum meshes also tend to be more effective than plastic ones.

The better the material will be, the more efficient will be the cooling of your PC!

The Effectiveness
If you buy a laptop cooler, it is obvious that you want the product to do its job properly. To get an idea, there are several factors to consider.

First, if the cooler you’re considering uses fans, you’ll have to see how fast they can go. It will, therefore, be necessary to check the number of revolutions per minute at which the fan can go.

Hot air coolers absorb hot air from the computer to cool it more efficiently. You will need to check if the accessory you have in mind is indeed compatible with the ventilation of your laptop.

The Noise
While laptop fans do not make any noise at all, you will need to be extra careful buying your laptop cooler and whatever it is fan type or hot air aspirator. As both have fans, they will make a little noise but that does not mean that they must necessarily make the noise of a plane taking off.

More powerful fans tend, of course, to be noisier, and more revolutions per minute will mean a little more noise.

Easy to carry
Some models are very easy to carry and others not so much. If you want a cooler to accompany you on the move, the thickness and weight become important considerations.
Whatever your priorities, there will necessarily be a model that suits you.


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