6 Best IPS Monitors Under 200 2022 CHEAP DISPLAYS

Let us face it, any device that is built for gaming is generally quite expensive. This is because it tends to offer technologies that conventional devices lack.

The same is the case with monitors. Although most gaming monitors are expensive, there are in fact best IPS monitors under $200!

Albeit, you have to realize that you get what you pay for.

These monitors are great for casual gaming but stay clear if you are a professional gamer.

It should be mentioned here that despite these monitors being cheap, they are still far better than their conventional counterparts.

Therefore, in that regard, these are displays that squeeze out the most value out of your dollar.

As such, here we will try to find out the right best IPS monitor under $200 for you.

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1. Sceptre E225W-19203R

If you are looking for the absolute cheapest monitor suitable for gaming, then you should highly consider this.

Although it belongs to a lesser-known brand, it has garnered excellent reviews and has been loved by its customers.

Although the 22-inch screen size is smaller than the standard of 24 inches for gaming monitors, if you are going to be seated close to the display, it wouldn’t matter much.

The looks aren’t something that you would be proud of, but they are simply functional.

The round base looks bland but has a pretty small footprint which allows larger space on your desk.

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Furthermore, it also offers fairly slim bezels which not only look great but also make it suitable for multiple monitor setup.

It also offers a 75 Hz refresh rate, which is higher than the conventional 60 Hz refresh rate. A higher refresh rate means it can support a higher frame rate. A higher frame rate means the motion on your monitor will be smoother.

Unfortunately, this monitor does not offer an adaptive sync features like AMD FreeSync. Therefore, you may notice screen tear or screen stutter or very high or very low frame rates.

VESA mounting capability is also included should you need to mount this monitor on a wall or on dedicated arms.

In addition to that, the built-in speakers should further help you in budget management and save your from investing in speakers.

This monitor stands out in the connectivity department by offering not one but two HDMI ports as well as a VGA port. The 2 HDMI ports is a highly coveted feature since it allows you to connect more media devices easily.

If you are looking for a best IPS monitor under $200, then it cannot get any cheaper than this.

2. Acer R240HY bidx

Note that that, at the time this monitor is available at a great discount. Plus, if you choose to go for its certified refurbished model, you can save up even more.

We highly recommend this and this is our top pick for this list. This an excellent all-rounder monitor that offers a large 24-inch screen with an FHD resolution.

For starters, this monitor looks absolutely stunning. This is a literally bezel less monitor that has a very small footprint.

Secondly, this is a budget 24-inch monitor that comes equipped with an IPS panel that has a decent response time of 4 ms. IPS, as we all know, are the go-to panels for those who seek great color fidelity and uniformity across the screen.

A video review should help you understand this monitor a bit better.

If you want to trust no one but the Amazon.com’s best-seller, then this is the best IPS monitor under $200.

3. Acer Nitro VG220Q bmiix

For those of you who are into gaming would know that Nitro is the Acer brand name for specialized gaming devices. This is similar to ROG by ASUS.

The looks are simply exquisite. Nothing in this list comes close to the looks that this monitor offers.

If you want to game with style, then the eye candy this display offers would most certainly interest you.

With the slim bezels, you can also hook up multiple monitors together for a dual or triple display setup.

The best thing about this monitor is that not only does it offer an IPS panel, it also offers 1 ms response time. Normally, IPS panel monitors do not offer 1 ms response time at all. The best that they tend to offer is 4-5 ms.

Therefore, this configuration is quite unique. Previously the crown of 1 ms response time was held by TN panel which had inferior color quality.

The benefit of IPS panels is that they offer the best color reproduction as compared to TN and VA panels.

Furthermore, they also offer the widest viewing angles. Therefore, the colors across the screen are uniform and pleasant to the eyes.

Other than that, it offers AMD FreeSync technology as well as a fast refresh rate of 75 Hz. 75 Hz means you can play games at 75 frames per second if your hardware can support such a frame rate.

Although this isn’t as great as a 144 Hz refresh rate, it is still a fair improvement over the conventional 60 Hz refresh rate.

As far as quality goes, this is the best among the best IPS monitors under $200.

4. LG 32MA68HY-P

This razor-sharp monitor having an appealing curved stand and compact bezel comes with all the standard connections which can hook you up with any and every device of your household.

There are a display and HDMI port for capturing higher-quality digital signals. For those who like to keep it old school, the LG model brings along a VGA port. There are also USB 2.0 ports that can be used for connecting your keyboard and mouse.

This 32-inch screen hikes up the viewable area by 70% in comparison to its 24-inch contemporaries. Its IPS panel makes every picture stand out in its true clarity even when viewed from extreme angles.

Now you can enjoy viewing four windows having 14 possible configurations in one single screen using its Screen Split 2.0 feature. So type a document, check out emails, watch a video and browse the net simultaneously like a compulsive multitasker.

Swap to the Reader Mode for going through your favorite e-books without having to bear the brunt of the harmful blue light emissions even when you sit in front of the desktop for long stretches of time. This VESA-compatible monitor can be easily wall-mounted for saving space and letting you enjoy unperturbed freedom.


People often think of monitors as just another computer accessory which brings nothing significant to the table. But the Dell Ultrasharp U2415 defies all these pre-conceived notions with its pixel-perfect statute which guarantees a complete gaming bliss without harming the environment.

Its 1920×1200 pixel resolution screen spread across 24 inches enhances screen space by 11% in comparison to a 1080p monitor. With super-thin bezels measuring 6.9 mm, you hardly notice anything apart from the virtually borderless and magnificent screen starting right back at you with sRGB coverage of 99% at a delta. 

Its 16:10 aspect ratio paves the path for wide-angle viewing of up to 178 degrees so that you can easily have your girlfriends come over for the slumber party as you play on some mushy romcoms. You can put the monitor wherever you fancy courtesy it’s tilting, rotating, pivoting and swiveling antics.

The Dell baby brings along a mammoth surge of flexibility as you connect it with external peripherals using five USB 3.0 ports, one DisplayPort, one mini-DisplayPort and two HDMI slots.

In case you are one of those with an unquenchable need-for-speed, then the USB 3.01 port located at the back of the monitor will surely keep you all charged up with its turbo boost. This VESA-compatible monitor can be wall-mounted or attached to a VESA compatible-monitor arm for bringing in optimum space utilization.

6. ACER RH251

It’s time to put on your seatbelts and turbocharge your movie viewing experience with the RH251 which makes a great first impression with its four-spoked stand having nifty copper highlights and a thin upper profile.

This 25-inch stunner sporting a maximum resolution of 1920×1080 paves the way for a jaw-dropping multimedia task, high-end gaming and of course our ultimate relaxation buddy – movie viewing. With a refresh rate of 60Hz and a contrast ratio of 100 Million:1, the screen radiates with the brightest of whites and the darkest of blacks.

Now you can have access to immersive graphics just at your fingertips with a rapid response time of 4ms which reduces deviation in transition time. This monitor looks great and saves space with a super-thin profile and practically no bezel.

Using mercury-free white LED backlighting, the Acer baby meets all ENERGY STAR requirements and brings about 68% power savings which surely is going to make you one happy soul when the electricity bill gets handed over to you at the end of the month.

With its low power consumption, the RH251 is one environmentally friendly offering that understands the value of conservation of limited resources. You can easily make use of its HDMI and DVI outputs to establish connectivity with your tablet or smartphone for easy content sharing without having to undergo the painfully long setup drill.


When you are out there searching for your dream monitor, you will realize that there actually lies a lot of technical specifications than what actually meets our eye. Features such as response time, refresh rate, screen size, contrast, resolution, and brightness need to be taken into account before proceeding with the purchase decision.

For example, it is advisable to go for about 150 nits of brightness as monitors featuring more than that can actually harm our eyes. The black level which refers to the highest level of screen darkness is preferred in the lower range.

High definition films feel beautiful to watch when the black level is around or less than 0.5 nits. A contrast ratio of 800:1 is considered average. For enjoying pictures in its true light you should go for monitors having a contrast ratio of 1000:1.

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