12 Best Gaming Laptops Under $1500 2022 | Buying Guide

An extensive guide for all gamers. 

The Esports industry is on the rise all these days due to which the gaming laptops are creating great hype. The gamers look for the best gaming laptops costing them low and letting them overcome their opponents, probably the best gaming laptops under 1500 can serve them the best.

Numbers of games have evolved, catching up with the interest of the gamers worldwide. These recent years, mostly the children are getting involved in it and are now inclined towards Esports.

They now rely upon their dreams to rule the world of gaming through their creative minds, super tricks, and high professionality. But what is hindering their desires and goals is the unavailability of the best gaming laptop. 

The latest and the advanced games require a significant amount of storage capacity and RAM. That’s not it; the graphics should be according to game requirements.

There should be a lightning-fast, well-designed keypad, long battery life, applaudable sound quality, and a perfect display. Though these days, everything is advanced and further modified, so do these gaming laptops. You can find the best gaming laptops under 1500.

List Of Best Gaming Laptops Under 1500

1. Best Gaming Laptop Under $1500: ASUS ROG Strix G15

2. Best 17-inch Under $1500: Acer Predator Helios 300

3. Best Laptop Under 1500 With 120hz Display: MSI GL73

4. Best with NVIDIA RTX 2060: MSI GF65

5. ASUS ROG Zephyrus M

6. Razer Blade 15

7. Gigabyte AERO 15

8. Sager NP7858DW 15 Gaming Laptop

9. Dell G7

10. Alienware M15

11. Lenovo Legion Y540

12. HP Omen 15″ Gaming Laptop

Can you use a gaming laptop as a regular laptop?

The gaming laptop can be used as a regular laptop with perfect portability and along with battery life. You can take your virtual classes, complete your assignments, chat with friends, do freelancing, and even watch your favorite programs and movies. Though gaming laptops are designed to provide vast gaming experience, they can serve as the best regular laptops.

Do Gaming laptops get hot?

You are buying the BEST gaming laptop under 1500. Therefore it must not heat. But some laptops do. The gaming laptops consist of dedicated and integrated graphics. If your laptop is getting hot and overheating, then it means that the dedicated graphics signify an issue. The dedicated graphics use more power, so it creates more heat, eventually leading to overheating.

Do Best Gaming laptops under 1500 last long?

It is upon the use and care you take of the gaming laptop. The gaming laptop can last over ten years if used carefully. Best gaming laptops will surely provide you the best experience through its superb features to progress with your dreams—no need to worry about durability. The best gaming laptops under 1500 are hard wearing and are sturdy.

Why is my laptop fan so loud when I play games?

The fan is the loudest component in your gaming laptops. The fans are loud and noisy while releasing more heat. The different software types do affect the fan’s noise, and if not software, then it will be due to the dirt on the hardware. So louder fans aren’t bad as it won’t overheat your gaming laptops.

What is the best graphics card for gaming on a laptop?

The dedicated and devoted gamers care about graphics, and the best gaming laptops under 1500 do have the best graphics. The Nvidia GeForce 2080 produces super-classic graphics and higher frame rates. The high-end RTX GPU is compatible with the latest and the advanced games enabling Virtual Reality play on a 1080p screen.

How much RAM a gamer must look for while buying the best laptop under 1500?

RAM improves the way you go on with your games. At Least an 8GB RAM is a must, and a 16 GB RAM would be an excellent choice, lesser than 8GB won’t be enough, and higher than 16 GB might help carry out different tasks it won’t improve your gaming.

What PC do I need for Fortnite?

Fortnite is a massive game and is played throughout the globe in large numbers. To install and play this game, your best gaming laptop under 1500 must have the same specs as Fortnite. AThe processor of the gaming laptop must be at least Intel Core i3 with an Intel HD 400 graphics card, at least a 4 GB RAM, and around 19.76 storage space. All games do have some requirements, so look for a gaming laptop that can bear all types of games.

Make Your Gaming Laptops Silent

Several factors make your gaming laptops louder, and some of them have been discussed above. Well, louder fans are annoying, but they are there to remove the what so your laptop doesn’t get overheated. There are several ways to minimize the sound produced through fans every second. 

Firstly, it is essential to keep your laptop cool through a perfect ventilation system, and it surely doesn’t mean that you use artificial methods like an air conditioner or a fan to keep it cool. This step is quite effective in keeping your best gaming laptops under 1500 quiet and silent.

Most of us love to place the laptops on our laps. Doing so prevents the air from entering your best gaming laptops through the narrow openings available at the laptop’s bottom. So the placement of your laptops even matters, so be careful of it.

Moreover, most of the best gaming laptops have the whisper mode technology in themselves, which reduces the uproar of the fan by around 50%. So it can be a neat feature in the best gaming laptop under 1500.

These ways will help the users and will surely help reduce the noise levels and make your gaming laptops peaceful.

Ways to improve your gaming experience:

There are several ways you must act upon for better and enhanced gaming. Devoted gamers will act sincerely upon this if they want to be professional and achieve more in their fields. Go ahead and look forward to these steps.

  • Keep your gaming laptops spotless and dust-free. Physical maintenance does matter as dirt and dust block the airflow grids letting the laptop go hot. Heat build-up reduces the effectiveness of your gaming laptops. Cleaning the ventilation grids is not the only task, but you have to keep your keypad safe and clean, so the keys don’t go sticky.
  • Keep updating device drivers of your gaming laptops no matter whichever Operating system you are using. You must be more inclined towards Graphic drivers as it plays a vital role in enhancing hardcore gaming.
  • DirectX can be installed to polish your gaming abilities and skills further. Different software is available for hardcore gamers, and DirectX is one of the best amongst many. It is mostly pre-installed in your Windows 10 laptops. Through the run option, go to the DirectX diagnostics and move on to the render tab where there is complete information regarding dedicated graphics. Under the driver pane, the Direct 3D DDI should be numbered as per the new versions of DirectX. It is best to check that your drivers are upgraded.
  • Activating game mode on windows ten can be another way to improve the gaming experience. Windows 10 comes with an Xbox app. Open up the Xbox-panel by pressing WIN+G. There will be a game mode option on the right, which must be enabled, ensuring that the game runs with optimum settings.
  • Another thing that matters is the network speed, most probably for online gamers. The slow connection between the gaming laptop and the router slows down the gaming speed and minimizes the performance. A gaming router or Wired ethernet connections can optimize your gaming to its full. 

These all steps are quite useful in letting you relish your gaming experience, so it is better to be mindful of these.

Important Points You Must Consider For The Gaming Laptops Under 1500

Be critical and look for the features insightfully before moving on towards checkout, so buy the best laptop that you shouldn’t have to replace just after a few years.


Thinner and lighter products are now the ask of the people of the society. The more portable and compact a laptop is, the easier to transfer. That’s another reason why Pcs have been left aside, and laptops are highly preferred.


No one loves to get their laptops overheated. This boosts your gaming and lets you fire, drive cars, and defeat your opponents in any way possible. The overheating even increases the noise of the fan that’s annoying. Thoroughly go through the hardware information, and then if you find it satisfactory, purchase it.

Lower version of Core I

This, you’ll need to be careful. Editing and manipulation of different documents and files are not compatible with this type of version. The best gaming laptop is even induced with Solid State Drives rather than HDDs making it much more effective, rapid, compact, and durable.


Be a little proactive while buying the best gaming laptop under 1500. The money matters for all, so act according to the guidelines provided, and there’s no need to hesitate. You’ll find plenty of the best gaming laptops available, but some are extraordinary, so it is up to you to search for that. Go on. You’ll succeed.

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