10 Best Chromebooks under 500 2022 | Buying Guide

Computers to laptops to tablets to smartphones to Chromebooks. Where are we going? Enhanced smartness. The world of Onenote, the world of Excel, the world of Ms. Word, the world of social marketing, advertisement and live streaming.

It was 2011 when the 1st Chromebook came into existence. The best Chromebooks under 500 make use of Chrome OS to let you relish different software and applications. Performs a variety of tasks through the use of most used google chrome browsers. The Chromebook is much easier to operate and offers a wide range of productivity than those traditional laptops and Pcs 

One more special feature of a Chromebook is that it stores the data and applications in the cloud instead of storing it in the machine itself. A Chromebook lets you go on with your work without any pause and with continuity.

Best Chromebooks have a complete grip on their performance and are regarded as one of the best user-friendly devices. But how does it produce such an execution that does wonders? It is so simple. The best Chromebook has an extensive battery life, a powerful and dazzling display, the latest processor, and a perfect RAM that copes up with the speed, durability, and reliability.

Intro of Chrome OS:

The Chrome operating system is an open-source operating system just like Linux-kernel. 

Turn on your Chromebook, and you’ll find it completely different to your regular laptops as Chrome OS is just a browser so there is no Mac OS or windows or Unix or Linux. As it opens up, it directly directs you to the google chrome browser. It is a complete platform for you to work on. 

The Chrome OS has super fast started uptime, and you just turn on your laptops and it resumes immediately. Moreover, it is really secure and is lightning fast. It even lets you sync with other devices and its chrome app store is somewhat super interesting.

Enjoy any applications through the Chrome app store and even use google drive to extend your cloud storage. The Chromebooks contains just around 8-12 GB Ram and mostly relies on cloud storage rather than the machine itself. 

The Chrome OS is best functional on Chromebooks as it was initially designed for it. Well this Chrome OS is uniquely designed and is a future asset.

Top 10 Best Chromebooks Under 500

1. ASUS Chromebook C202

2. ASUS Chromebook Flip C302

3. ASUS Chromebook Flip C434

4. Acer Chromebook 15

5. Samsung Chromebook Plus V2

6. Acer CB3-532

7. Newest HP 14-inch Chromebook

8. Lenovo Chromebook C330

9. Acer Chromebook 315

10. ASUS Chromebook C523

What is the difference between a Chromebook and a laptop?

Yes, that’s the most asked question. The display, the built-up, the look, everything of a Chromebook is just as similar to a laptop but what makes them go apart is different operating systems. The laptops have a Windows or Mac OS;however Chromebooks make use of Chrome OS, basically the use of Google browser and not windows. Even the desktop of the Chroembook displays a Chrome browser. And one more advantage of Chrome OS is that it updates automatically however, Windows and Mac takes a long time to update.

What is the Best Chromebook under 500 good for?

Chromebooks are designed to give support to the Chrome Operating system. Using a chromebook doesn’t mean that you can’t carry out various tasks, hence it makes it fairly easier to access various sites and perform a variety of tasks. So then, play games, stream live videos and use different applications with extreme ease.

Can you use Word on a Chromebook?

First off all, open your google play store and search for microsoft word and then install it. Next, the pop-up will appear asking you for your microsoft access, so click allow to access photos,media and files and then activate your account through your login information. This all will lead to the Microsoft word where you can accomplish the task.

What are the disadvantages of a Chromebook?

Every object in this world has some flaws and drawbacks, so the Chromebooks do have disadvantages. Whether you buy the best Chromebook under 500 or whatever you’ll have to patiently bear some flaws or spend some more to turn these disadvantages into advantages. 

Chromebooks have low storage capacity, are not suitable for gaming purposes, Microsoft office, and video editing. So nothing can be flawless except what God has created.

Can you watch Netflix on a Chromebook?

Why not? Watch Netflix through the Netflix website or through the Netflix app from the google app store.

Can you install Office on a Chromebook?

The best Chromebook under 500 must allow the installation of Microsoft Office. The latest versions are manufactured to reveal more productivity. The Google app store will surely make sure that Microsoft Office can be installed.

Can you install Windows 10 on a Chromebook?

No, you can’t. Chromebook doesn’t let you install windows because, as you know that Chromebook comes with a unique Google Chrome operating system. Well, good news is that there is some work going on the Chromebooks since 2018 so that Windows 10 becomes compatible with a chromebook, and even storage of a chromebook increases. We can just hope that this dual-boot Chromebook launches quickly.

Is 64gb enough for Chromebook?

64 GB is enough for the everyday user. The best Chromebook under 500 must contain around 16-64 GB. This will be perfect as most of your storage will be done in the cloud. But if you want to run Linux apps, then the Chromebook must have more than 64Gb.

Boosting Chrome OS browsing

There are several ways to follow to speed your browsing up. The best Chromebook under 500 is already rapid and meteoric, but if you feel that it isn’t working up to your desire, then act accordingly: 

  • Go to the taskbar on the lower right where time and the wireless icon is displayed.
  • Go to settings by clicking “settings.”
  • Under Settings, you’ll have to find “extensions” and click on it.
  • Uncheck the unwanted extensions.
  • Below “extensions,” click settings and move on to “show advanced settings.”
  • Then select “Privacy.”
  • Then uncheck or remove the tick mark from the above mentioned

i) use the web service to help resolve navigation errors.

ii) predict network action to improve page load performance.

iii) automatically send usage statistics and crash reports to Google.

Doing so will be helpful and will surely benefit you.

Some essentials you should be careful of while buying the best Chromebook under 500.

This is somewhat a buying guide. While purchasing the best Chromebook under 500, you must search for the features mentioned below. The new Chromebook you’ll buy must be one of the best and won’t just break away after a year or even a few months. This guide will be handy and advantageous.

The battery life of the best Chromebook under 500

Will you love to have your Chromebooks getting turned off after a couple of hours of being on the charger cable throughout the day. Surely not. The best Chromebook possesses up to ten hours of battery life. The brightness of your Chromebook, Wifi, and other usages require long battery life. Indeed, you must be working around 6-7 hours on your laptop daily if you are freelancing or might be using a little more for the office work, so rather than cursing the Chromebook afterward, be watchful while buying.

The Processing Unit

Different types of Chromebooks are available with other processors. I’ll recommend some best ones that will run your Chromebook with effectiveness and efficiency. The processor is the primary unit of your Chromebook, and it has to be the absolute peach.

The speed and the performance depend upon its quality. And what I forgot is its durability. The Chromebook with an Intel Celeron, intel M3, intel i3, inteli5, or inteli7 will last long. So keep the models and processor brands in your heads while purchasing the best Chromebook under 500.

The Display

We all buy Chromebooks, laptops, or monitors according to the size that fits us the best. Everyone tends to look for a one with a bigger screen to have a clear vision. Nearly each of us is blessed with eyes, and that’s what makes us perfect to determine the clarity and vividness of screen display.

The best Chromebook must have a picture resolution of around 1366 * 786 for minimum, and now it is up to you to determine further. Besides the resolution and size, another thing that matters is that the screen is made of a material that won’t shatter.

It must be resistant and challenging as well as bright and illuminated. And on bonus, you can even look for a Chromebook with touch capabilities. Most of the best Chromebooks under 500 do have multi-touch capabilities.


To sum up, I’ll rather say that it isn’t tricky to buy the best Chromebook under 500 if you have intended to do so with your whole heart and have read this article thoroughly. No matter what, you’ll surely find the best Chromebook under 500 if you follow the buying guide and different steps mentioned above.

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