10 Best Chromebook under $300 2022 | Buying Guide

Chromebook is a cheap and reliable gadget developed for those who spend most of their time surfing online. If you are looking for something that does not need much software support and is low in cost, then Chromebook is your option.

It differs from a standard laptop in terms of its operating system; otherwise, you can use it as a regular budget laptop with a few clicks. Microsoft Office is also available on some Chromebooks via play store. The exclusively web-based software of Chromebooks is safe to use and more reliable for online usage.

Top 10 Best Chromebook Under 300 Dollars

We shortlisted a few of the most popular laptop names producing the best Chromebooks in the industry. Let’s get in detail to each one of them. 

  1. Samsung Chromebook 4 (Best Samsung Chromebook Under 300)
  2. Acer Chromebook R11 (Best Acer Chromebook Under 300)
  3. Asus Chromebook Laptop (Best Asus Chromebook Under 300)
  4. Acer Chromebook 15 (Best Acer Chromebook Under 300)
  5. HP Chromebook 14 (Best HP Chromebook Under 300)
  6. Samsung Chromebook 3- Renewed (Best Samsung Chromebook Under 300)
  7. Lenovo Chromebook C340 (Best Lenovo Chromebook Under 300)
  8. Asus Chromebook Flip C302 (Best Asus Chromebook Under 300)
  9. Lenovo Chromebook Flex 5 (Best Lenovo Chromebook Under 300)
  10. HP Chromebook X360 (Best HP Chromebook Under 300)


Samsung has produced the best chromebooks of all time. Ranging from the most luxurious ones to the most affordable chromebook models, people preferably adhere to the design and class that Samsung has given to these laptops. 

Chromebook 4 is gaining increasing popularity for its beautiful slim body, ultra-thin design while containing a decent configuration that comes in a small budget-friendly package. The premium design of this laptop gives it a subtle appearance as the silver-grey metallic chassis easily grabs eyes while sitting on the desk. It comes with a weight of 4.99 pounds which is fairly acceptable as it would not overly burden your shoulders when held in a backpack.  Superimposed by a military level durability standard that is worth every penny of yours. 

Where Chromebooks come in several display sizes, this one has the smallest 11.6-inches to your displeasure. For many users, this may not be the biggest concern as they acknowledge other benefits coming along, such as exclusive multi-layers of anti-virus security for added protection of the system. With a chrome operated system in hand, you might come face to face with too many bloatware and online bugs that can easily harm your device. Chromebook 4 well ensures the elimination of such issues. 

Intel Celeron works well with 4 GB RAM to produce appreciable output performance and carries 64 GB in the memory compartment. As a huge bonus to the chrome lovers, an enormous battery storage power is packed inside the system which can extend the battery period for up to 12.5 hours. To attain such key elements within under $300 is crazy and if you aim to get your hands on a Chromebook, Samsung’s 4 is one of the best pocket-friendly models.


Of course, with a huge battle of competition in the laptop market, you find tons of similar products equally viable and hard to choose. Added features accessorize the laptop and increase its worth. Just as in Chromebook R11 by Acer, which is a chrome laptop in a hybrid design. Convertible laptops are hard to purchase with limited pockets but this Chromebook makes this possible for you all. An entirely affordable price tag offers you reasons to get hands-on a 2-in1 Chromebook. 

Convertible laptops give you the leverage to work smoothly with a variety of options to position your laptop. And this Chromebook being super light in weight makes it even more effective to carry out an entire day of computing without a hassle. It measures to be 2.88 pounds and is not only ultra-portable as a laptop but also a standard weight for a tablet mode in hand.

It features Celeron N3060 to process good mid-level programming and has 4 GB RAM. Combined, it gives sufficient thrust to smoothly run all essential google applications, supports Microsoft, and does a commendable job to outrun your day-to-day computing. However, 32 GB of flash memory may require an upgrade for better performance. 

The 11.6-inches screen is comparatively small but when paired with an effective touch ability, it pretty much gives you a strong reason to prefer it over other wider screen Chromebooks. Of course, touchscreens are quite usable and eliminates traditional habits of excessive typing and for enthusiasts who admire staying in touch with advanced technology, nothing can stop you to access this brilliant machine as it is super affordable yet classy.

Intel HD graphics improve the display quality with enchanting HD effects, while 10 hours of prolonged battery life is easily achievable with Chromebook R11 in hand. You get access to one USB 3.0 along with a USB 2.0 for external connectivity on this laptop.


This Chromebook by Asus is not entirely a convertible laptop that allows you a complete 360 degrees flip, but the hinge is half rotatable and can turn your screen to bend up to180 degrees flat. That being said, the elimination of tablet mode further takes away the touchscreen feature, and while being quite usable and sleek in design, it does not obtain a touch facility for its screen.

But being 11.6-inches in size, the screen doesn’t lack quality of display and the HD resolution is further supported by anti-glare technology. At a margin of $300, a good laptop with advanced features is hard to find. 

The system is run by an Intel processor, Celeron N3060 clocked at 2.48 GHz to fuel your laptop with the required speed and power. 4 GB RAM does a commendable job combined with the processor and 32 GB flash storage. Asus Chromebook is designed to be slim and sleek with perfectly shaped edges and a decent size exterior.

It weighs 2.65 pounds that gives the laptop an ultra-portability, easy to be carried around for frequent travelers. With a strong chrome-based operating system and fair processing capability, the system can last for up to 10 hours of long battery life which further boosts up the portability factor of this Chromebook. 

Under a $300 budget, it is common to achieve the above-mentioned features within a Chromebook. But the level of durability this machine provides is far-reaching. Well to be precise, the quality of chassis is supposed to be best in town. It is prone to wear and tear while carrying an absolute spill-resistant body and keyboard. Rubber guards for added safety and a strong build of this Chromebook leave you lasting durability and are a reliable option for daily users.


Acer builds this Chromebook 15 as another affordable laptop that gives you a good hold over daily computing without draining a hole in your pockets.

The Chromebook works efficiently with Intel Celeron Dual Core N3060 processor working in the background with a speed of 1.60 GHz to turbo boost up to 2.48 GHz. 4 GB RAM gives a solid edge to the system’s performance which helps handle a huge library of google apps, programs, and Microsoft access. With no optical drive, 16 GB flash memory is not ideal for a Chromebook also when its rivals are providing a bigger memory at the same price.

However, chrome operating systems have the leverage of built-in storage of up to 100 GB for offline storage of your data and files. 

The Chromebook offers a weight of 4.4-pounds and within a fairly portable weight, the laptop carries a 15.6-inches screen size unlike all the above-listed Chromebooks of this category. This gives it an edge over many of its rivals as it occupies the interests of widescreen lovers. The WLED display has a brilliant HD resolution that easily leaves you captivated. Also, the Intel HD graphics 400 plays well with the vivid visuals and graphics of the screen. 

The profound exterior of this Chromebook carries a unique vibe with a pretty decent chassis that ends up on curved edges and holds up the screen with two individual hinges for flexible movement of the screen. Identifying many exclusive add-ons, it gives you a variety of reasons to prefer this Chromebook as a good value to your money.

Such as the inclusion of HDMI is quite unlikely in similar Chromebooks of this category which in combination with USB 3.0 and other usable connectivity ports. Speaking of connectivity, it is known to present 3x faster Wi-Fi speed for efficiently surfing the internet while gaining access to an entire world within seconds.


HP brings to you a classified chrome experience with the ability to suffice your power demands for efficient productivity and an entire day of work and play with this system in hand. This too is an entirely pocket-friendly model by HP and being a Chromebook has some pretty decent configuration to match the others. 

This laptop features a dual-core AMD 9120 processor boosting up to a speed of 2.5 GHz. that is paired with 4GB SDRAM and 32 GB eMMC storage. The laptop works well for general computing on a daily basis and the strong built is durable to survive tough wear and tear. The charcoal grey body has a matte finish.

Although some may find it a little outdated in design as Samsung, Asus and many other competitor brands pay huge attention while designing their Chromebooks. But considering what benefits you obtain in a price as small as this, is more important and HP Chromebook has none ahead. 

The terrific widescreen display is 14-inches in size and has many classy features one can imagine to access in a Chromebook. The WLED screen is surprisingly backlit in nature and the anti-glare technology saves you from excessive light reflection while working.

The screen attached to the body is through a rotatable hinge that would not offer a complete flip and foldability but does allow 180 degrees rotation to help ease your usability. Although the solid exterior seems to be heavily built but only weighs 3.40 pounds which makes it super feasible to move and carry the Chromebook around.

Among all the brilliant features possessed by this machine, excellent sound quality is something to be noted. Built-in with dual-speakers and a B & O sound system which amplifies the audio characteristics and makes the sound certainly pleasing to your ears.  

HP Chromebook does an admirable job throughout its performance and with an entire day of computing, it eliminates the excessive need of recharge owing to a strong battery life which lasts up to 9 to 10 hours in a single stretch.


As commonly observed, Samsung has a bigger share in producing concise attractive chromebooks for new generations to work and play with. To keep the laptops merely simple and handy, the screen sizes are usually smaller than usual but doesn’t at all compromise over quality. Also, a price tag of less than $300 is a good catch.  So, this one here is a refurbished quality tested model by Amazon, Chromebook 3 renewed.  

The Chromebook is pretty functional to all google applications and chrome operated system helps you smoothly carry out basic computing with plenty of google accessories, applications, and access to online programs.  The backup google storage gives you an edge over small 16 GB flash memory and eradicates storage issues arising during multitasking. Intel Celeron processor runs smoothly in combination with 4 GB RAM and allows you to experience hassle-free computer work.

Chromebook 3 like other Samsung Chromebooks has multiple useful functions built within an elegant chassis. The delicate smart keyboard is topped up by 11.6-inches truly defined screen throwing an HD display resolution and anti-glare feature as an add-on. Even along with continuous brightness, the laptop still can manage 11 hours of extended battery life.

This to some extent encourages portability with your system as it removes the continuous need of staying beside a socket. Rest assured; 3.6 pounds guarantee flexible usage of this Chromebook with ease of mobility while not burdening your shoulders. For travelers and beginners, it certainly is a suitable option to get hands-on with this reliable system while not exceeding your budget.


The C340 Chromebook by Lenovo is one of a kind. Ranking high among the list of affordable under 300$ Chromebooks, this model exhibits stronger graphic power and ultra-thin design. The introduction of this advanced machine established a tough competition as in regards to its well-drafted configuration, it can generate professional computing to some extent.

This can be beneficial to business professionals, field workers, and students who mainly require chrome applications, frequent emailing, or drafting in daily files and records. 

Presenting two classic colors depending upon your choice, sandy pink is personally my favorite as I describe. The aesthetics of this laptop is truly well-organized and the beautiful slim chassis leaves behind many thin convertible Chromebook designs.

Although with a concise body, it’s hard to provide a comfortable well-spaced keyboard, C340 has easily managed that. It weighs 2.6-pounds and is popular for its efficient portability, and suits people mostly on wheels and with hectic schedules. Also, 10 hours of long battery life is typically maintained by many renowned Chromebooks, and so does this one. 

Chromebook C340 with many admirable design elements has excessively gained positive feedback. All hail to the manufacturers who managed the entire versatility of this machine is such a small price tag. This includes a brilliant sensitive touch screen giving you access to play with the 11.6-inches display of this laptop. HD resolution when backed up by a strong GPU chip, Intel UHD 600, further adds graphic details to the display quality on your screens. This improves the overall performance and output of this Chromebook.

The precise software is powered by the Intel Celeron N4000 processor which is not only an improved version of previous Celeron processors but also combines 4 GB RAM and the presence of 64 GB SSD. So, what makes you think twice before getting hands-on with this highly-calibrated Chromebook system. With no apparent drawbacks, I believe it’s a pretty good package within the desirable budget yours for a Chromebook.


Asus chromebook C302 follows hybrid laptop design with complete 360 degrees rotatable hinge. Convertible laptops are trending nowadays as society is tilting more towards the benefits of using this advanced technology.

Besides, when a high-end product is completely affordable, it is hard to ignore. This laptop model covering three main attractions, one being a Chromebook, then possessing 2-in-1 design and third being under $300 budget, has grabbed the hearts of many. 

With a pretty basic configuration similar to other Chromebooks in the category, it differs in a few very unique features which may challenge a large number of Chromebook manufacturers. This mainly includes the addition of a Corning Gorilla glass quality screen for the display that lasts forever.

The 12.5-inches display screen has managed to present a full HD resolution for users to enrich their eyes with thrilling colors and crystal-clear visuals. The four different modes of usage make it super-efficient and topped up by a precise sensitive touchscreen feature that helps you get a better hold of your screens while working.

The entire metallic body is decent and classy in appearance while the metal exposure does not add up to the weight of the laptop leaving it entirely slim and light to carry. It weighs 2.65 pounds, thus offering ultra-portability. 

Considering the software credibility which is fairly considerable just like any other Chromebook in the market. Intel Core m3 processor powers this system while backed up with 4 GB RAM and 64 GB flash memory. This seems to be sufficient to ace any google application and offers good enough speed for your daily computing. While featuring 2 USB 3.0 ports along with a couple of other connectivity options, this Chromebook also has a strong battery unit to save you from hassle throughout the day.


You’ll know the reason why this Chromebook deserves all praise as it is one of the best recommendations to you today. Flex 5 by Lenovo takes your Chromebook experience to a next level. Here is why I call it the editor’s choice because, within the same price range, the Chromebook runs with an Intel Core i3 processor to outperform your tasks while being convertible at the same time. This is pretty unlikely to obtain in a Chromebook following a budget. 

The latest 10th generation Intel core i3 processor does not only make this laptop viable for general google operations but can take you to a higher category of professionalism. Following 64 GB of SSD on the motherboard as a solid backup to your data storage and is fueled by 4 GB RAM. Integrated Intel graphics further improve the laptop’s productivity while never disappointing its users who expect a strong graphic performance. 

The highly-defined touchscreen provides an interactive experience while working with this computer and as much as you love experiencing the touchscreen tablet mode, the Chromebook joins a truly comfortable keyboard with the system to give you multiple usability options. 13-inch full HD display delivers exceptional visuals and stunning picture quality, also with a hint of graphic magic in the background which makes your screen even more empowering. The minimal cost of this Chromebook startles you as the excellent display features also include narrow-edged bezels spreading a vibe around. 

Loads of connectivity slots are designed within its feather-like outer body, which includes Type A, type C, and advanced Wi-Fi 6, etc. As google never fails to excite you with hundreds of apps and access to entertainment, Flex 5 Chromebook takes the responsibility to enhance your experience further by dual-speakers capable of an excellent audio presentation. With a bundle of extraordinary abilities, some find this Chromebook to be unmatchable. With no major shortcomings, the graph of its advantages is sky-high.


Being last in the list, it’s certainly not the least. I’d like to end my recommendations on chromebook X360 by HP. Similar to many above-listed efficient chromebooks models, this too is quite presentable and best suits children and beginners with a small pocket. Yet another convertible laptop, I suppose, the word convertible does match the aesthetics of a chromebook and so if you really look around for a better version of budget friendly chromebooks, why not choose a 2-in-1 design for your ease and comfort. 

HP X360 features an 11.6-inches screen which serves a good HD resolution with popping colors and clear visuals. Overall, the screen size may be smaller considering other Chromebooks in the category but with a tablet mode along, the size keeps it light and handy. The backlit touchscreen adds more to the value of this brilliant design. 

The CPU is fueled by dual-core Intel Celeron N3350 clocked at 1.10 GHz and can turbo boost up to 2.4 GHz. 4 GB RAM paired with 32 GB flash memory collectively supports the chrome book’s operations while ensuring minimal hung ups or system lagging. With this level of specs, you cannot expect to over-exaggerate your system or exceed its power limits by running complex software, if you wish your system to last longer.

However, if you desire more productivity, spare some additional money for up-gradation or look for expensive Chromebook models. It holds a good amount of connectivity options which also includes a micro SD card reader. The battery power makes you hold your breaths, as it is significantly huge.

13 hours of exceptional battery power encourage the flexible usability of this convertible Chromebook. With an entire day of computing in a single charge, super lightweight and complete flip and fold design give a full score to the portability of this system as well as a suitable choice for your interests.

Best Chromebook Under $300 Buyer’s Guide

When you start looking for Chromebooks, you will realize that it has less variety in hardware than a Windows laptop. However, some specs can play an essential role in delivering performance in your Chromebook.

Screen Resolution

A good Chromebook will be having a 1080p resolution pixel (1920 × 1080), which works brilliantly. However, some cheaper Chromebooks will have lesser pixels and lower resolution. On the other hand, some of the high-end models constitute higher resolution pixels displaying a fantastic screen. In your defined budget, you should get a 1080p resolution. To complement the resolution, a screen size of 13 to 15 inches will suffice.


A Chromebook is designed for everyday users of browsing over the internet, so a low-end CPU like Celeron or Pentium will work just fine. They will do the job for opening a tab or two for browsing. However, if you prefer multi-tasking, you will have to increase your price to get your hands on the Intel Core i3 or i5 processor. The i3 and i5 processor will boost the performance and make your Chromebook a multi-tasking laptop.

When you compare a $300 laptop with a Celeron processor and 4GB RAM with a Chromebook of similar specs, you can see that a Chromebook will perform better. A laptop will deliver sluggish and unpleasant performance while your Chromebook will run smoothly for slight browsing.

Storage Options

There is not much storage space in a Chromebook because most of your data will be updated in a cloud. Thus, you mostly get an eMMC-based storage system. In your set budget of $300, you can get a Chromebook with 32 GB or 64 GB eMMC for your local creations. If you think that you will face a shortage of memory, you can buy a Chromebook with an SD card slot. Thus, you can save your extra files on an external device.

Connectivity Options

There are not many connectivity options available in a Chromebook because the primary concern is the Wi-Fi connection, which is done externally. You will also not find an Ethernet port in it because most Chromebooks support wireless connections.

However, if you are looking forward to attaching your Chromebook for presentations, then you can buy the one which has an HDMI port. It is always good to have a USB port on your laptop because you need to make connections with external devices somehow or the other. Thus, one or two USB ports should also be considered while purchasing Chromebook.

What are the best inexpensive Chromebooks?

There is a range of Chromebooks with low prices; however, the one that delivers excellent performance and balances the budget is Lenovo 100E Chromebook. This laptop does not only have significant features, but it is also durable and long-lasting. Thus, it is a one time investment and will not need maintenance charges as well.

Why is Chromebook bad?

A Chromebook is not designed for everybody and everything as it has certain restrictions and limitations. Chromebooks cannot process multiple tasks at once due to the low processor. Furthermore, they lack storage space, so you mostly need an external device to maintain extra data.

What are the best Chromebooks for 2020?

Although ASUS Chromebook Flip and Acer Chromebook Spin are the top picks of customers for 2020, yet they don’t fit your budget. The best Chromebook for 2020 in your budget (under $300) is Lenovo Chromebook Duet. The budget-friendly laptop has impressive storage up to 128GB. It also has an extra-ordinary battery life of 11.5 hours, making it one of the best Chromebooks for 2020.

What should I look for when buying a Chromebook?

It would be best to look into some general specs before buying a Chromebook such as a processor, battery life, storage space, and build quality. Most of the Chromebooks under $300 have a Celeron processor and 4 GB storage space, but the build quality and battery life differ from laptop to laptop.

How much RAM do I need for a Chromebook?

You will not require much RAM for Chromebook if you use it for running Chrome. Most Chromebooks have a 4GB RAM, and that is more than sufficient for a simple user. However, if you use your Chromebook for more than just browsing, you will need at least 16GB RAM, but the price will increase simultaneously.

Are Chromebooks worth buying?

Chromebooks can save you a lot of money. It is because if you are not concerned about the niche software, then the laptop will prove to be more costly for you. Chrome OS can run on a less powerful processor than Windows or Mac. Thus, Chromebooks are a perfect and ideal choice for the users of Chrome OS.

Should I buy a laptop or Chromebook?

The answer to this question depends on your requirements and budget. If your needs are confined to browsing, writing emails, and watching videos, then a Chromebook is a more sensible option. However, if you want to run high-end software and applications, then a laptop will be an ideal choice.

Which brand Chromebook should I buy?

It is always wise to buy from a brand with a high resale value, so you can sell it whenever needed. The set of specifications offered by the brands is the next important thing to consider. Lenovo, ASUS, Acer, Dell, and Samsung have the most popular and wide selling Chromebooks. These are some of the most reliable and safe to buy brands.


Whether you are obsessed with social media apps such as Facebook and Youtube, or if you want a device for emails and browsing, Chromebooks are an inexpensive solution to your needs. These efficient and easy to use laptops are also convenient to take on the go. Thus, if a Chrome OS fulfills your requirements, don’t waste your money buying a Windows or Mac laptop.

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