5 Best 144hz Monitors Under $200 2022 Buyer Guide

You deserve the best video gaming experience. It really is as simple as that. Unfortunately, if you’re working with a monitor that allows for only low frame rates, you may find that your experience is no to its maximum potential

Here’s the truth: while 60Hz is a respectable standard refresh rate, it is hard, the best you can get for yourself. A higher refresh rate can enhance your gaming experience by improving the motion on the screen.

For this reason, it’s important that you invest in a quality monitor so that you can get your money’s worth out of your game.

Unfortunately, the higher the refresh rate, the more expensive would be the monitor. Hence in this article, we have made it a point to talk about only the best 144hz monitor under 200.

1. AOC C24G1 – 24″ – All Rounder 144Hz Monitor Under 200

If you are looking for one of the best 24-inch 144hz refresh monitors under 200 yet still want to go for an established brand, then we highly recommend this AOC G24G1.

Generally, these cheap price tags are reserved only for lesser-known brands like Scepter or Viotek. Therefore, to get a monitor from AOC at this price tag is quite appreciable.

There are plenty of things, other than the refresh rate, that this monitor offers.

This is a 24-inch display with FHD resolution, a 1500R curved screen1 ms response time as well as a VA panel.

Note that to get a VA panel with 1 ms response time is quite the rare feat since 1 ms is generally found on the inferior TN panels.

Furthermore, it also offers a frameless design, VESA mounting holes as well as an ergonomic stand – all of which are essential for multiple monitor setup.

All in all, if you want to go for a monitor that we highly recommend personally, then this is one of the best 144hz monitors under 200.

2. BenQ ZOWIE XL2411P – 24″ – Professional-Grade Performance

BenQ Zowie is a monitor series that is used in professional gaming tournaments. While it is slightly more expensive than the lot, if you want quality, then BenQ Zowie XL2411P is the option to go for.

Not only does it feature a 144Hz refresh rate, but it also offers a TRUE 1 ms response time thanks to the TN panel. TN panels are not as vibrant as VA or IPS panels, yet they are considered the best for pro gamers.

Besides that, the monitor offers technologies like Black eQualizer that automatically adjusts the contrast on the screen to see the dark patches on the screen better.

Furthermore, it offers an ergonomic stand as well as VESA mounting holes.

All in all, if you want to game with giants, then this is the best 144hz monitor under 200.

3. Sceptre C248B-144RN – 24″ Curved 144Hz Monitor Under 200

If you are here to make beeline for the best 144hz monitor under 200 there is, then Sceptre C248B should come to mind.

Not only is this ridiculously cheap, but it also offers plenty of great features like a curved screen, a thin bezel frame, and AMD FreeSync.

The only caveat is that Sceptre is not a well-known brand as compared to ASUS, ACER, DELL, HP, etc. Therefore, you may not be tempted at first to make the investment.

However, if you read the customer reviews of not just this monitor, but for all the monitors made by Sceptre, you will quite convinced that this brand lives up to its promises.

4. Asus VG278Q – 27-inch G-Sync Compatible Under $200

Asus really needs no introduction when it comes to the quality of products, especially in the gaming department. From monitors to motherboards, they excel in all. 

We have selected this monitor here because it offers a 27-inch screen size. Some gamers prefer having a large screen for added comfort.

If you are one such gamer, then you may find this agreeable to your needs.

Besides the large screen, it offers TN panel, 1 ms response time, FreeSync that is also G Sync compatible (i.e adaptive sync can work with NVIDIA and AMD Cards) and also offers goodies such as built-in speakers as well as an ergonomic stand.

While it is the most expensive display in this list, we find that the quality and the size warrants a higher price tag.

5. VIOTEK GFV22CB – 22″ – Small Sized 144Hz Monitor

Lastly, we have a monitor for people who have a low budget or have space constraints.

This is a small and compact 22-inch monitor making it the smallest in size in this list. Note that while it offers a 22 inch in physical size, it offers the same FHD resolution as all the monitors above.

Therefore, as far as pixel real estate is concerned, this is quite great.

Besides, the monitor looks plain beautiful with its extremely thin bezels as well as a unique stand.

The display is both FreeSync as well as G-Sync compatible. Therefore, you can use both AMD or Nvidia cards to reduce the screen tearing and screen stuttering effects.

The only relative drawback is that it has a slow 5 ms response time. While this isn’t an issue for the vast majority of gamers if you are a hardcore professional than this may not be the choice for you.

Why You Should Buy the Best 144Hz Monitors Under $200?

Let’s start with the basics. First, why should you upgrade to a 144Hz monitor anyway? You may be thinking that the devices are way out of your budget or are simply unnecessary.

The truth of the matter, however, is that there are a number of reasons a 144Hz monitor is a right choice for you. In this section, we’ll go over some of the distinct advantages of purchasing one of these monitors for gaming and other everyday use.

Specifically, 144Hz monitors:

Provide Higher Quality

In order to understand why the best 144Hz monitors under 200 Dollars provide higher quality, it’s important to first understand what the term means.

Specifically, 144Hz refers to the refresh rate of your monitor, meaning the number of times per second it can refresh to provide you with a constant, high-quality moving picture.

In general, the threshold any monitor must meet so that you don’t have a bad or broken experience is 60Hz.

Still, even 60Hz might not be enough to deliver. The unfortunate reality is that frame rates are not always constant, and your 60fps monitor can dip well below that in certain circumstances.

This means that you want to go with a monitor that gives you the best chance of smooth performance. 144Hz monitors refresh at more than double the rate of standard monitors, which gives you the security you need to enjoy long-lasting quality no matter what your purpose.

This means that you can enjoy games like never before with your 144Hz monitor!


As with most items, you can expect that 144Hz monitors come in a range of prices. While this means that there’s great variability in terms of what you can get, it also means that you can find a 144Hz monitor under 200 quite easily.

If you’re looking for a high-quality monitor that can do everything you need and more, you’ll now be able to get your very own without breaking the bank.

As 144Hz becomes the standard, an increasing number of companies have been able to market their products for less—meaning you can easily get that monitor you deserve!

It’s important to keep in mind that, while 144Hz monitors are generally associated with high costs, you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg to get a high-quality monitor.

This means that you shouldn’t use price as an excuse not to upgrade your system. Instead, use the amazing price flexibility of these devices to get you a monitor that can do everything you need it to.


Here we looked at the best 144Hz monitors under $200. With the right 144Hz monitor, you can take your gaming experience to the next level.

Whether you’re a pro looking to take the top place in your next competition or would simply like to enjoy a higher-quality gaming experience straight from your home, there are tons of reasons to invest in a 144Hz monitor.

Fortunately, we have 144Hz monitors that even a budget-conscious buyer can look into.

By following the information laid out in this guide and referencing the monitors provided here, you’ll get an idea about what to expect from the market.

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